szyмiв | вuying_cards

an hour ago

                                      Hey there! :jarate:
                                      For lowballing I'm gonna block instantly.
                                      I'm selling CS:GO skins with these FIRM prices:

                                      • Scar-20 | Blue Print (Minimal Wear) - 2.11 ref pure | 3.11 ref in TF2 items | $0.18 in CS:GO items
                                      • SG 553 | Atlas (Battle-Scarred) - 3.22 ref pure | 4.22 ref in TF2 items | $0.25 in CS:GO items
                                      • Rest of things - 0.44 ref pure each | 1.44 ref in TF2 items each | $0.06 in CS:GO items each


                                      NO TRADE HOLDS
                                      U can add me.

                                      Offers send there:

                                      My other trades:

                                      If you want to tell me about 'your jerk coz your using prices, on scm it's more expensive!11!!' just fuck off and get out of my life.

                                      1 ref overpay if my item is worth less than 5 ref
                                      3 ref overpay of items worth over 5 ref