szyмiв | вuying_cards

an hour ago

                                            Looking to sell these CS:GO stuff!

                                            • M4A4 | Urban DDPAT (Well-Worn) - 4.55 ref pure | 5.55 ref in TF2 items
                                            • Rest of items - 0.33 ref pure | 1.33 ref in TF2 items


                                            I'm open for negotiations - you can add me!
                                            I tend to not accept trade holds, but if you offer a good deal it might went through!

                                            Offers send there:

                                            My other trades:

                                            Have questions? Check description on my profile or add me:

                                            If you want to tell me about 'your jerk coz your using prices, on scm it's more expensive!11!!' just fuck off and get out of my life.

                                            1 ref overpay if my item is worth less than 5 ref
                                            3 ref overpay of items worth over 5 ref
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