ACG | WarriorTrone

9 months ago

        Killstreaks with a Scattergun skin :3

        Selling for Refined Pure, offers, or item overpay.
        Looking for mostly pure. But any offers is welcome!

        Price List-
        Macabre Scattergun (Field Tested) - (SOLD!)
        Specialized Killstreak Spy-cicle - 18 Refined
        Killstreak Gloves of Running Urgently - (SOLD FOR SKINS ON A WEBSITE)
        Killstreak Ubersaw - (SOLD FOR SKINS ON A WEBSITE)

        If you want to buy them all together, add me and we will sort something out.
        Prices do keep changing on the weapons, will try update the prices. If not, I will be keeping the prices I put.

        Trade offer only, unless you need to add me to discuss stuff.

        This trade is closed.