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      My TF2 + CS:GO Inventory + this rare dota 2 ticket ------------------> ALL worth 80€
      Sticker NAME: SELF Entertainment Series - Season One
      Where can you find the sticker REAL price? HERE ------------------->
      My code ------------------> 76561198095418942
      When you paste my code click on the Dota 2 icon and click on the fetch button.
      Good Luck for everyone!

      This trade is administratively closed for the following reason: The starting bid of your auction is near or above market value and offers no relief for potential bidders. Try again with an extremely low price - do not worry about this, since bidders will hike up the price if they want the item.


      the ticket has sold in the past for under 5$, i dont see how its worth anything, while your backpack and csgo inv equal less then 6 keys. I dont see any possible way that all of it can add up to 17 keys.