Alexy Galaxy

7 months ago

                                                                        Selling one set of all Festive Weapons (DOES NOT INCLUDE BAT) for 12keys

                                                                        These are only being sold in a set.

                                                                        ~~~This includes all Festive Weapons from 11, 12, 13, 14, however does not include the festive bat.~~

                                                                        Items included in this set:
                                                                        Festive 11
                                                                        Rocket, Flame, Stickybomb, Minigun, Wrench, Medi, Sniper, Knife
                                                                        Festive 12
                                                                        Mackerel, Buff, Axe, Grenade, Sandvich, Frontier, Ubersaw, Huntsman, Ambassador
                                                                        Festive 13
                                                                        Force, Black Box, Flare Gun, Eyelander, GRU, Wrangler, Crossbow, Jarate, Sapper
                                                                        Festive 14
                                                                        Bonk, Shotgun, Backburner, Chargin' Targe, Bonesaw, SMG, Revolver

                                                                        If interested send me a trade offer or add me.

                                                                        This trade is closed.


                                                                        hello. can i reserve this? i will buy that key within 2 weeks, tops. notice i said buy not trade so maybe 3 cos the trade wait. or could i trade a carbonado botkiller wrench mk. I (strange and killstreak)