a day ago

            PLEASE NOTE THIS: I am selling all of the items listed below as ONE BIG PACK. So there is NO POSSIBILITY TO BUY SEPARATELY some of them, ONLY ALL AT ONCE.

            Price: 700 KEYS. This price is fixed. Unless you want pay more.

            Selling my collection of weapons, all with effect Tornado + Villainous Violet.
            Also selling an all-class hat Unusual Salty Dog with Terror-Watt effect.
            This combination of the set is just insane and looks damn sexy in-game.

            1. I will block you forever, if you ask me for lower price. The price is final, unless you want pay me more just because you are rich.
            2. I am accepting only pure keys. If you try to put or offer anything else than keys as payment, you will be blocked forever by me immediately.
            3. You will be blocked forever by me if you ask me questions like : "Is your unusual hat duped?' or "Can we check that your items are sellable at any site?". Nobody with 700 keys in their inventory is not so dumb that can't check these factors and asking me about them.
            4. If i will be feeling that you are wasting my time or trying to scam me, then you will be blocked forever by me immediately, no mercy.