6 months ago

                                                            BUYING ANY CARD FOR .22 EACH

                                                            CARDS I WON'T BUY:
                                                            GooCubelets: OCD
                                                            GooCubelets 2
                                                            Cyborg Detonator
                                                            Any card that says : "This item can no longer be bought or sold on the Community Market because Valve no longer has a business relationship with the developer."

                                                            ###AD SPOT###
                                                            =Selling every fabricator in my inventory for a scrap=
                                                            =Selling every standard unique non-skinned weapon in my inventory for a scrap=
                                                            =Buying any craft hat for 1.11 ref=
                                                            =Buying any strange weapon for 1.11 ref=

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