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2 hours ago

                                Orbiting Fire Milkman - 12 Keys                                                         Circling Peace Sign Blighted Beak - 62 Keys  
                                Orbiting Fire Brainiac Hairpiece - 24 Keys                                       Cool Masked Mender Medi Gun - 40 Keys
                                Hot Mannana Peeled Rocket Launcher - 40 Keys                         Disco Beat Down Furious Fukaamigasa - 22 Keys
                                Haunted Phantasm Most Wanted - 50 Keys                                    Scorching Flames Doctor's Sack - 35 Keys                           
                                All prices are in pure if you wish to offer in items you need to overpay.I can discount unusuals a bit. All unusuals are clean aswell as other items.

                                Only a fool rejects the Lich King!

                                Also I don't check Bazaar.tf frequently so I'd prefer you to add me or send trade offer!I accept 0-5 minutes if online!