3 hours ago

                  Burning Flames Cyborg Stunt Helmet :
                  Clean / Super short history
                  64 keys PURE
                  69 Overpay in Unusuals/Australiums

                  Strange Sunbeams Gridiron Guardian :
                  Super Clean
                  1 of 3 in existence
                  28 keys PURE
                  33 Overpay in Unusuals/Australiums

                  Searing Plasma Swagman's Swatter:
                  Clean/short history
                  33 keys PURE
                  38 or more Overpay in Unusuals/Australiums

                  Green Energy Modest Pile of Hat:
                  CleanAF/Short history
                  170 keys PURE
                  175 overpay in Unusuals/Australiums

                  Hellish Inferno Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare :
                  17 keys PURE (Probably cheapest on the market)
                  22 overpay in Unusuals/Australiums

                  Holy Grail Taunt: Rancho Relaxo :
                  * Clean/Second Owner
                  36 keys PURE (Probably cheapest on the market)
                  40 overpay in Unusuals/Australiums

                  Vive La France :
                  7 keys PURE
                  10 overpay in Unusuals/Australiums

                  Just mannco keys.

                  I dont like Unpriced unusuals.
                  Unusuals taunts MIGHT consider if good overpay..

                  SEND OFFER, DON'T ADD ME.
                  If you need to add me just post why below or at my steam profile try not to add me without saying anything. Random adds will be declined.


                  My apologies beforehand if I do not answer your offer within 30 minutes - 1 hour or if I'm off.

                  Im also buying trading cards, check it out!
                  Here you can check prices/history.

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