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                greetings, i'm selling these strange items with well matched parts:

                Flying Guillotine w Player Hiy: 6 ref
                Scottish Resistance w Buildings Destroyed: 9 ref
                Flame Thrower w Teammates Extinguished: 13 ref
                Jarate w Teammates Extinguishes: 9 ref

                Hitman's Heatmaker w Damage Dealt: 14 ref SOLD
                Air Strike w Kills While Explosive Jumping: 10 ref SOLD
                Huo-Long Heater w Kills while Invulnerable + Critical Kills: 6 ref SOLD
                Persian Persuader: 6 ref SOLD
                Reserve Shooter: 14 ref SOLD
                Bushwacka w Critical Kills + Spies Killed + Kills While Low Health: 12 ref SOLD


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