4 months ago

                                Send me a trade offer here ⇆ CLICK HERE TO SEND ME A TRADE OFFER ⇆ Send me a trade offer here

                                Ether Trail Hellmet, Great soldier hat and great effect ✔️ clean ✔️ decently short history ✔️ 42 keys

                                Cloud 9 Flamboyant Flamenco, Flamenco + Cloud 9 = Burning passion ✔️ one of the best pyro hats ✔️ great effect with this hat ✔️ 35 keys

                                Blizzardy Storm Hellmet , 1 of 1 ✔️ Non-Halloween effect on Halloween hat ✔️ great looking ✔️35 keys

                                Vivid Plasma Noble Amassment of Hats , Nice all class hat ✔️ great first gen effect ✔️ clean ✔️ 33 keys

                                Searing Plasma Grimm Hatte, One of the best medic hats ✔️ nice first gen effect ✔️ 27 keys

                                Stormy Storm Master's Yellow Belt, Master of the storms ✔️ Great sniper misc ✔️ nice effect ✔️ 26 keys

                                Disco Beat Down Soviet Gentleman, Awesome Heavy hat ✔️ really nice effect ✔️ 25 keys

                                Green Black Hole Electric Escorter, Spelled ✔️ Awesome effect ✔️ 1 of 4 ✔️ 25 keys

                                - Trade offers are the fastest way to let me know you're interested in one or more of my items;
                                - Feel free to add me to discuss overpay in items/unusuals, I don't mind adds as long as the trade you want to propose requires it;
                                - If you want to add me, leave a comment with the specific reason, not a general "added to trade" but something like "I added you to discuss an offer between my unusual with this effect and your unusual with this effect"; it will be easier for the both of us since we might not get in touch for several hours and I can already check your offer;
                                - Trade offers with the correct amount of pure will be accepted really quickly; trade offers with items and/or unusuals require manual review, so it will not be as fast.

                                Methods of payment I accept:
                                -Pure (TF2 keys/ref and CS GO keys)
                                -Paypal (I've already traded for real money in the past)(directly or through marketplace and such)
                                -Overpay in items and unusuals
                                -Wallet funds (as long as you provide the fee, I can sell items for wallet funds; if the item you're interested in can't be sold on the market directly, add me to discuss a workaround)
                                -Gift/wallet codes (I do use the market so I don't mind a code as a method of payment)
                                -Marketable items from other games (this falls into the overpay category, but I accept items from other games too)