General Caveman

11 minutes ago
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              I am selling these Soldier items for the listed price or an equivalent item offer.

              Vintage Killer's Kabuto (Painted: An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge) x1 - 1 key + 8 ref
              War Pig (Painted: A Distinctive Lack of Hue) x1 - 25 ref
              Antarctic Parka (Painted: The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime) x1 - 24 ref
              The Helmet Without a Home x1 - 1.22 ref

              Try not add me if possible and use the trade offer link below, anything other than the listed price please post here first.


              Please be aware that there may be a delay in my response due to my work schedule but I will respond.

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              General Caveman

              The problem with strange weapon w/ parts is that they really really don't hold there value. They usually only add a 1/5 to the price of a weapon. I would have to decline on both offers.