Квадратное ламо

5 years ago
    • 0.66 ref (2 rec)
      2x 100% 2-hour battle bonuses

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    Bid threshold:
    0.33 ref
    1x 100% 2-hour bonus
    2x 75% 2-hour bonuses

    I prefer bonuses over metal (1x 100% or 2x 75% has slightly more value for me than 0.33 ref)

    Accepting only reclaimed metal and refined metal, 100% bonus and 75% bonus. Please don't outbid by 0.44, 0.55 etc, only 0.33, 0.66, 1, 1.33 etc.

    Note: I have two strange hammers in my inventory, one with modifiers and name/descritpion tag, second without. I put on auction one without modifers.

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