Ryuke [TBM α]

8 months ago

                Taking offers on my unusuals here. Pure preferred, if you must offer in unusuals please overpay.

                Morning Glory Tin Topi - 48 keys
                Power Surge Capo's Capper - 49 Keys
                Sulphurous Bootleg Base Metal Billycock - 48 keys
                Phosphorous Capo's Capper - 64 keys (duped)
                Stare from Beyond Bunsen Brave - 96 keys
                Demonflame Wet Works - 140 keys (1/2)
                Sulphurous Ground Control - 208 keys (1/2)

                Collector of G.Nanos

                Ryuke [TBM α]

                I don't have my price for that one listed on this trade as of this post, but I'm asking for 100 keys on it. Backpack's gone a bit crazy with their pricing after buds tanked, I can't trust anything they've said this year.


                Alright. I have a friend with a pyro set that could also buy it. But it's worth only like 3.5 buds. I'll ask him to friend you if you're interested in doing it. I'm not a phish or scam.

                Ryuke [TBM α]

                Not necessarily a low offer, it's just that I collect sulphurous hats and I'm not likely to sell them for less than 2 buds. That's why they're in a different section.

                Ryuke [TBM α]

                I really don't believe that, and it's unclear what you're talking about.
                if you're talking about the scottish resistance, there are 12 pro kits on the market right now
                if you're talking about the scottish handshake, there are 6 pro kits on the market.
                neither of which is currently going for more than $15 at the low end, so is a poor match for my unusuals, the cheapest of which is 1.75 buds at last check.
                If somehow you're talking about a collector's of either of those, I'm not interested.

                Il y a

                Sorry but i didn't get what u wanted to say. I got that u dont my unusual. And you like orange, yellow and green robo effects. You don't mean you wanna give any of your robo effects for my you just wanted to say that right?

                Ryuke [TBM α]

                I don't really have any hats in that exact range, but if you could add some keys I'd do the NnB Drill. It looks like 6 keys is the difference between the two hats.