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9 hours ago

                              Looking for Chemistry sets or strangifiers of the listed Heavy items

                              Please be sure to list what strange is required to complete it

                              I don't want already strangified items, even if you are offering them extremely cheap

                              I'm pretty sure everything listed here is from the Strongbox case, so if I'm missing something on this list, please notify me of what I'm missing, I would appreciate it

                              Trade offers are here for a reason, make use of that instead of trying to add me

                              I also accept cheese as valid offers for my items

                              ♥Prof. Sugarcube♥

                              Officer's Ushanka has been crafted (1:1) and is for sale
                              Toss-Proof has been crafted (1:1)
                              Heavy Duty Rag has been crafted (1:1)
                              Hard Counter, 1 has been made, the others are in set form (1:3)

                              It would be hard to list them all here, can I add you and show you the items with their item links? I have a document which labels every single C. Cosmetic in existence, and I would like to show you the document

                              Gift me Starbound

                              Yeah sorry bout that, my internet's lagging a bit for me which doesn't usually happen.
                              Oh well, you can leave this here or hide it.
                              Friendly warning, as soon as the first collectors Tough Guy's Toque exists I'm going to try and get it first.


                              Just a quick question what is the speciality with collectors items? because if i have some i can sell them to you for a pretty cheap price ;)