C9 TechToastZzZ

16 minutes ago

          === TechToastZzZ's Key Shop ===

          This shop is used for the purpose of buying and selling keys.

          I buy keys for - 32.33 ref each
          I sell keys for - 32.55 ref each

          * All prices can't be negotiated
          * You can check my stock on Backpack.tf: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198086367402

          Please only use trade offers. I won't respond to friend requests or escrows!
          Thank you !

          ~~~~~~~~~~ DON'T ADD ME! Use trade offers only! ~~~~~~~~~~
          Have a nice day!


          hey there. it says im unable to trade with you. and no im not f2p. this error occurs sometimes. could you add me to friends list? i wish to buy 4-5 keys.