Ryuke [TBM α]

8 months ago

                    Selling keys for Paypal, 1.80 USD each.
                    Stock: 8 keys

                    1) Your paypal account must be verified.
                    2) You pay all fees.
                    3) Money must be send as a gift.
                    4) You must go first.
                    5) You must add this description: "This is a payment for virtual items in the Team Fortress 2 online game. Physical shipment is not required. I understand that this is a non-refundable transaction and promise to not charge back. Link to my steam profile: (steamID64) ."
                    6) If these stipulations are not met the money will be returned on your dime.

                    If you're going to rep me, please use my rep thread instead of just posting in the comments :/
                    Rep thread:

                    Collector of G.Nanos