User ribbon Mixed the Mouse

2 minutes ago

                        Looking for anything related to cheese

                        For Smoked Cheese Wheels, I would prefer to pay 7ref

                        Everything else, just tell me what you have and what you expect for it

                        Please use trade offers when possible, I don't like people adding me unnecessarily

                        I also accept cheese as valid offers
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                        User ribbon -Ω-Cristian-Ω-

                        I am interested in your Hat of cards #69 and I am willing to buy you anything related to cheese from the steam market + sweets if is needed. If you want you can add me to discuss, if not we can talk here if you prefer...

                        User ribbon Mixed the Mouse

                        While we do fancy chocolate occasionally, it's not a myth... The carbohydrate thing is a rumor spread around from mice to humans, and we are kinda regretting doing that...