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11 months ago
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                        So this is going to be my all-in-one trade for any chemistry sets I find...

                        I am looking for any material(s) required to finish the listed chemistry sets

                        • This should be obvious, but I'll place it here anyways: I don't need any uncraftable items
                        • For regular weapons, you can either use metal (half a scrap each), or I can 1:1 with certain regular weapons in my inventory, just as long as they aren't crafted by anyone, and don't have anything special added/modified to them
                        • For cosmetics, I will instantly accept any that are priced 1.3 or lower, and for any that are priced 1.4 or higher, I don't want you adding me to "discuss", you talk about it here
                        • For high-priced weapons, I would prefer to buy them at around half of their recommended prices

                        Other than that second note, post here before adding me, or use trade offers

                        Also, please don't tell me to go to some scrapbanking site for some of these, I've tried already, and they run out too quickly ;~;

                        Collector chem sets:
                        Collector FGRU - 193 FGRU's

                        Merc Pride Scarf Strangifier:
                        Prancer Pride
                        Bolted Birdcage
                        Tough Stuff Muffs
                        2 Brainiac Hairpiece
                        2 Brotherhood of Arrms
                        Plumber Pipe

                        Note: If you wish to (try to) buy ANY of these chemistry sets, you must offer me a price, not vice versa

                        Please use trade offers when possible, I don't like people adding me unnecessarily

                        I also accept cheese as valid offers
                        This trade is closed.

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                        Yeah, I really don't want to use keys, except for really big things... Since you went and got this much for me, I suppose giving you an extra scrap wouldn't hurt


                        I wish you could respond to hidden trades xc
                        I can collect them easily from a alt, i got tons of huo long heaters and fists of steel, but im not sure if i have enough for the festives. If i do have enough festives do you think it should be 1 key for 200 festives then a key for the 293 weapons?


                        Why is there no edit button on posts? Oh well, problem is im not sure about the amount of inventory space i got. I forgot if i have 300 or 600... Ill check and if i got enough space ill get the huo long heaters first then post.


                        Still looking eh? I dont have much inventory space, it would be easier if i could trade a small amount at a time. I cant really get the weapons into my BP untill we have a set price, then were in buisness.