[BOT] DRAG2 - ToD #1

5 months ago

                                  _________________AUTOMATIC TRADING BOT_________________
                                  _______________BUYING AND SELLING TICKETS_______________

                                  Trading has never been easier!
                                  Without escrow!
                                  BOT Online 24/7

                                  - But how!?
                                  - It's extremely simple, watch!
                                  > Add me to friends (only public profile Steam and backpack)
                                  > Send me a trade when I'm not Busy
                                  > Add your metal or key if you want to buy, or add tickets you want to sell
                                  > If you need a change, type "change" at the end of the trade!
                                  > Selling alot of tickets? Type "stack" at the end of the trade and I will replace other metals with refs!

                                  ####### .::CURRENT PRICES::. #######

                                  ════►BUYING TOUR OF DUTY TICKETS FOR: 14,33 ref.

                                  Add me for quick and painless trade,
                                  To check my stock, send me a chat message "stock"
                                  I'm going to replace 3 scraps with 1 rec and 3 recs with 1 ref, send me in trade "stack"
                                  I'm going to give you a correct change, send me in trade "change"

                                  >Other Tickets Bots:
                                  [BOT] DRAG3 - ToD #2 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124417445/
                                  [BOT] DRAG5 - ToD #3 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198155891147/

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