[BOT] DRAG1 - Key #1

3 months ago

                                  ________________AUTOMATIC TRADING BOT_______________
                                  _______________BUYING AND SELLING KEYS_______________

                                  Trading has never been easier!
                                  Without escrow!
                                  BOT Online 24/7

                                  - But how!?
                                  - It's extremely simple, watch!
                                  > Add me to friends (only public profile Steam and backpack)
                                  > Send me a trade when I'm not Busy
                                  > Add your metal if you want to buy, or add keys you want to sell
                                  > If you need a change, type "change" at the end of the trade!
                                  > Selling alot of keys? Type "stack" at the end of the trade and I will replace other metals with refs!

                                  ####### .::CURRENT PRICES::. #######

                                  ════►BUYING KEYS FOR: 32,00 ref.

                                  Add me for quick and painless trade,
                                  To check my stock, send me a chat message "stock"
                                  I'm going to replace 3 scraps with 1 rec and 3 recs with 1 ref, send me in trade "stack"
                                  I'm going to give you a correct change, send me in trade "change"

                                  >Other Keys Bots:
                                  [BOT] DRAG4 - Key #2 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127112060/
                                  [BOT] DRAG6 - Key #3 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198155849485/

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                                  Unless you haven't updated your bot, it's telling me it's buying keys for 22 ref, while you're saying the current buy price is 29. Just wondering if you changed the price is all.