How to use an imageboard properly

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8 years ago
1. There's a goddamned upload form. Use it instead of linking to imgur or whatever, otherwise you're inconveniencing everyone else and you don't belong here.
2. Click an image and it will expand. Middle click it to open it in a new window.
3. This is a parody of 4chan's /fa/ board. Read this before trying to look like a moron.

That's pretty much it. Have fun.

My Medic


5 years ago
All the cosmetics are strange :3 can't afford any unusual yet though, how's it look?

User ribbon boo-da-pest

5 years ago
awful! anything with the medical monarch is horrible. which is why my medical monarch based loadout looks like this

(that said, since yours includes a strange archemedes, it's not completely without merit :D)


5 years ago
I've seen the Medical Monarch wayyy too much in all Medic Loadouts I've seen so far, but it could just be me.

Sellin' Frickin' Posters man.


5 years ago
Hey all, I create posters using Source FilmMaker, I am currently selling them for one ref. (Note, these pictures are of your characters, Unusuals, anything you want)
Feel free to add me Here!

The best unusual effect


5 years ago
I really don't have a favorite... but what is the BEST and most EPIC looking effect out there?
Comment with your favorite.


5 years ago
Those are some pretty good ideas... which item unusual COMBOS do you think are the best?


5 years ago
Now are you talking about weapons too? If so then it all depends for me really.
Personally, I like Time Warp, GBH, Sunbeams (depends really), Secret to Everybody, and Spellbound.
For the taunts, I prefer Mega Strike of Holy Grail if anything.
I suppose you would consider me one of those people who prefer effects that aren't too sporadic a little more, like buddha almost.
The hat the effect is on really depends if I would like it too.
Have you tried to see what combos for effects (if they have that yet haven't been on in a while) you like the best.

Hey Guys. I want you to name my loadouts I use for some of my classes.


5 years ago
Scout: Track Terrozier and TroubleMakers Tossle cap (Both painted Ye Ol' Rustic Color)
Pyro: Pampered Pyro (Painted Gold) and HazMat Headcase
Demo: Double Dog Dare Demo Pants and Wilson Weave (Painted Waterlogged Lab Coat)
Heavy: Commissar Coat , Minnesota Slick, and Yuri's Revenge (optional) Aqua Flop (Painted Ye Ol' Rustic Color)
Engineer: Insulted Inventor, The Pander's Pompadour and Snow Stompers (optional) Texas Ten-Gallon
Medic: The Gentleman's Ushanka and the Brush with Death
Sniper: The Professionals Ushanka (Painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue) and The Villains Veil (Painted Pink as Hell)
Spy: The Stealth Steeler and The Lurkers Leathers.
Solider: Mann Co Cap, Mercs Muffler and a Random badge from mvm

Give me names for all of these classes.

User ribbon boo-da-pest

5 years ago
"scout", "pyro", "demo", "heavy", "engy", "medic", "sniper", "spy"

you're welcome

Iz diz alivez


5 years ago
Strange Prof Fest Scat
Strange Prof Black Dahlia (FT probably)
Prof Objector

Strange Prehistoric Pullover
Strange Cadet Visor
Strange Thrilling Tracksuit

R8 m3 m8

User ribbon Meowzerz

5 years ago
>All stock
Stock scout best scout
>No cosmetics
ew why would you do that.
>No taunts
Well honestly nobody uses them outside of spawn anyways.

Some people do this thing called "playing for fun". idk, sounds weird.


6 years ago
Best medic is a themed medic

Mine is a WWI like medic/surgeon

if this isn't a 'show your medic' thread...i'd want your beautifull medic in all my killcams while you über me. Its like a magical creature but mabey paint the viewfinder pink too?

Help making a cool sniper loadout.


6 years ago
Im trying to make a cool sniper loadout, somewhat based on Erron Black from MK X. Heres some pictures of possible loadouts, what do you think I should do, and what color it should be. [img][/img]

User ribbon Meowzerz

6 years ago
Last one looks way better imo.
Try using black, or one of the darker team-colored paints.


6 years ago
Loose the AWP.....thats all :>

I'd say try the Bushman's Bristles.....its my fav sniper beard so far

I would like some help designing a Pyro cosmetic loadout

User ribbon Meowzerz

8 years ago
I currently use:
-Wraith Wrap
-Last Breath
-Coffin Kit
Pic: (I know it looks ironic with the festives)

I would really like some help. I kinda got bored of this loadout, and have faced OVER 9000! pyros wearing the exact same thing. Some of my ideas were:

-Bubble pipe
-Sight for Sore Eyes
-Connosieur's Cap
-Whiskered Gentleman
-Stockbroker's Scarf

I was thinking maybe some of you guys would have some suggestions for good-looking/themed pyro loadouts. Let me hear some ideas!
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