Random Weapon Generator general

User ribbon fisk

8 years ago
To obtain the widget: Go to the dashboard, hover over Add Widget, add "Weapon Generator" and refresh. You can click on the widget to roll a new weapon.

Post good finds

stinky beanz

7 years ago
I got the sniper thrower for spy. I don't remember the stats though

Loadout Rating Thread


8 years ago
Post your loadouts, any class, and get them judged by others!
Make sure you contribute your opinion as well as post your own loadouts
stupud/10 Etc. is unoriginal and you sound like a retard.
I'll begin, what do you think?

GMod thread


8 years ago
Any strange and crazy (and sane) creatures you've ever created using Gmod go here.


8 years ago
Hey, is that that bad? :(
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