6 months ago

              I have more skins , it will be nice if you check them out aswell!
              I am mainly looking for downgrade , but i expect a good overpay for it.
              The skin has a sticker!
              Hit me up with good offers!~


              6 months ago
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                                Selling random CS:GO stuff for offers from TF2 or CS:GO



                                6 months ago
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                                                                TaZer // csgo trade

                                                                6 months ago

                                                                    if you have a counter offer, for example i add ref, please tell me.


                                                                    6 months ago

                                                                                For those 4 items want Gloves or knife that worth at least 140$


                                                                                6 months ago

                                                                                                                Buy TF 2 KEY 1.35 usd
                                                                                                                Buy CS:GO KEY 1.55 usd

                                                                                                                i'll buy only more 10ea

                                                                                                                i want to buy key for BTC

                                                                                                                i'm LEVER 220 and i hve Game 300ea

                                                                                                       < It is MY profile link

                                                                                                       < my credit