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  1. Updated auth using https://github.com/fisuku/php-steam-openid


  1. BuyNow automatic trading retired


  1. Bazaar.tf reborn


  1. Support for decorated weapons (display/naming/wear/rarity/searching)
  2. Display "Festivized" status and icon


  1. Handle escrow trades in BuyNow


  1. Search for australiums, killstreaks, strange parts
  2. Show Australium item icons
  3. Show spells on items
  4. Added EOTL, Halloween 2014, and Unusual Taunt effects


  1. Medals!
  2. Steam online status


  1. Significant layout update
  2. Buy Now trades and Auctions now appear with All trades by default
  3. Mobile fixes


  1. Support to search trades for real money/bitcoin, genertic craft hat, backpack tf price, vip packs, etc
  2. Experimental code to combat phishing bots
  3. Minor typos and corrections throughout the site


  1. Bump Hot Trades pseudo randomly
  2. Make Hot Trades icon interactive
  3. Revised Support pages
  4. Trade layout tweaks
  5. Better forum search


  1. New Trade Layout
  2. Hot Trades
  3. Revised Help System
  4. New donator perks: Custom user ranks
  5. Intrastructure updates
  6. Many small tweaks and UI improvements such as the "Are you sure?" dialog :)


  1. Created tools for SteamRep admins
  2. Added support for killstreak kits and weapons
  3. Added support for strangifiers
  4. Added support for Collector Chemistry Sets
  5. Fixed VIP boards
  6. Added 2013 Halloween effects
  7. Many many many Buy Now bot and Steam API related fixes


  1. Staff customization features to support new administrative roles


  1. Added My Trade Offers
  2. Fixed guests being able to select items from Each-For-All


  1. Improved multi-game support.
  2. Added support for: Warframe, Path of Exile


  1. Fixed support ticket autoassign override.
  2. Reduced VIP bump intervals.
  3. Reimplemented ticket response notifications.
  4. Fixed the support service being slow (powerlevel was not indexed thus slowed it down)
  5. Fixed report post IDs not working


  1. Fixed currency converter.


  1. Fixed item offers not working for CS:GO/Steam etc.
  2. Textareas are now autofocused on reply (thx mckay)


  1. Added "Refresh Group Status" button.
  2. Updated modal design on trades page.
  3. Fixed the wrong strange ranks showing.
  4. Killstreak support added.


  1. Added support for chemistry sets.
  2. Fixed auction manual bid UI a second time (lol).


  1. Add items form now allows both spaces and commas.
  2. Fixed auction manual bid UI.


  1. Updated bot names to names of actual robots.
  2. Added a new Buy Now bot.


  1. Added a block user modal.
  2. Updated Matches/Bookmarks/Hidden/Offers pages.
  3. Updated alternate trade navbar.
  4. Added Collectors Item support.
  5. Your bump interval is now shown on the My Trades page.
  6. Reimplemented Auctions.
  7. Fixed Back button linking back to self if the request URI is the same as the referer.
  8. Removed images from signatures in trade posts. I'm not running a forum from the 2000's here.
  9. Updated auction feedback form styling.
  10. Updated forum board styling.
  11. Updated item blacklist.


  1. Removed the "Hide Games" setting.
  2. Exempted the "Hide Unusuals" filter from the My Trades pages.
  3. Search URL generation rewritten, but still the same format.
  4. Reimplemented admin user editing for:
    • Payment invoice
    • VIP Packs
    • Warnings
    • Bans/Unbans
  5. Search now utilises preferred tab.
  6. Hopefully fixed the issue where Buy Now bots were not purging friend lists.


  1. Reimplemented Gift VIP as a modal.
  2. Fixed incorrect redirects when gifting VIP.
  3. Finally cached SteamRep queries (oops)
  4. Reimplemented SR API
  5. Reimplemented User Reporting
  6. Reimplemented Trade editing
  7. Fixed a bug where item crossmatching was not working
  8. Reimplemented Widgets
  9. Reimplemented admin user editing for:
    • Powerlevel
    • Auction rating
  10. Advanced search attribute generation rewritten.
  11. Timestamps added to the Collect Items page.
  12. New Collection admin interface for buy now issues (mostly me).
  13. Made sure CS:GO backpack is only downloaded if there's no items to parse and add.
  14. Prevented CS:GO schema from being written to if proper API backpack failed to download.


  1. Added a Sync Item Cache button for manual storage to APC.
  2. Updated Steam icons to use the new stm classes.
  3. Updated Font Awesome Steam Pack documentation.
  4. Reimplemented admin user editing for:
    • Admin notes
    • Sending messages
    • VIP level
    • F2P whitelist
    • Medals
  5. Updated auction starting bid calculator to use APC.
  6. Reimplemented auction feedback.
  7. Added auction feedback pagination.
  8. Reimplemented user trade close buttons.
  9. Administrators will no longer get trade close dialogs when closing their own trades.
  10. Reimplemented auction ratings.
  11. Updated changelog style.
  12. Updated admin logs.
  13. CS:GO Buy Now support added.
  14. Added a "Back" button to make trade posts look less bare.
  15. The corners of forum pagination are now always rounded.
  16. Cleaned up forum thread styling.
  17. Repositioned the VIP settings.


  1. Added counters on the Add Trade page
  2. Reimplemented question permalinks (although these will be not used generally)
  3. Updated the link to the EE article in the Settings.
  4. Reimplemented Prices in APC cache.
  5. Added pagination for user comments.
  6. Added Refresh Backpack.
  7. Removed profile notes - are now based on signatures.
  8. Assets now use APC cache.
  9. Rewrote strange rank handling.


  1. Fixed errors which occurred while parsing the dota item schema.
  2. The backpack viewer now only shows tabs in sync with Steam Community's inventory feature.
  3. Trade ranks have been removed for real this time.
  4. Fixed forum redirecting to weird places if an image isn't uploaded during thread or post creation.


  1. Added a placeholder image for missing Steam items.
  2. Added a useful description for missing items.


  1. Inventory scraper rewritten.
  2. Removed trade ranks.


  1. Bookmarks will now show closed trades.
  2. Fixed the bug where editing profile notes would make all trades appear with "failed" descriptions
  3. Friendly times with a date of 0 now return "Unknown".


  1. Revised the rule set.
  2. Updated the Rules page.
  3. Friendly time descriptions were off by a second - "60 seconds" etc won't appear any more.
  4. Fixed item deletion controls not working.
  5. Fixed item deletion controls showing on auctions/buy now.


  1. Removed translation support.
  2. Cleaned up some old, misused pages.
  3. The "Authentication Required" message has been removed and now users just get redirected to the OpenID login page.


  1. Added Preferred Tab.
  2. Added Trade Offer URL.
  3. Added Prefer Offers.
  4. Tweaked the toggle note animation.
  5. Tweaked hidden comment animation.


  1. Optimized SR API usage.
  2. Migrated to Bootstrap 3.
  3. Migrated to Font Awesome 4.
  4. Updated side ads.


  1. Fixed market items not appearing in backpack.


  1. Added Preferred Bot.


  1. Added fallback cache for steamplayers calls.
  2. Restored Advanced Search functionality
  3. Fixed trade counter to use the ID of the last known trade instead of the count of trades in the database to deal with miscount from deleted trades.


  1. New admin report UI complete.
  2. New admin ticket UI complete. Somewhat. SteamID etc forms are still disabled for the time being.
  3. Removed forced language selection.
  4. Users can now see the reports they have sent.


  1. The Banned page now shows the current server time to stop stupid tickets.


  1. Buy Now trades now show the assigned bot.
  2. The repair feature can now handle the following: Failed collections and Deposits which never had offers.
  3. Fixed the question regex to enclose lines in <p> as long as it doesn't seem to end with a HTML tag.
  4. Added ticket reassigning.


  1. Added Repair.
  2. Redesigned the Buy Now trade box UI.
  3. Steam user caching is now intelligent and will require less API calls. It now downloads all uncached profile data in a single call before storing them individually instead of doing a single call for every profile.
  4. Caching now has fallback support.
  5. Steam user cache now updates every 5 minutes instead of every day.
  6. Much code rewritten when dealing with getting a user's steam data.


  1. Added very small amounts of selective caching to common queries.


  1. Rewrote the bookmark AJAX to fail if the trade does not exist or you're the trade owner.


  1. Fixed many incorrect usages of the recursive attribute, speeding up 34+ different queries on the site.
  2. Added the API controller to reorganise our own API.
  3. Added the Buy Now API v0001.
  4. Fixed incomplete Each-For-All trades sending sold items to the collection box.
  5. Fixed hideRibbon on name() not hiding custom ribbons.
  6. Fixed close button not appearing on non-deposited trades on the trade list.
  7. Repair functionality disabled to test if we even need it anymore.
  8. Added Offer History.


  1. Redesigned the Admin index.
  2. Added an administrative panel for Buy Now bot control.
  3. Optimized the CSS and JS by splitting it into several files, reducing the load times.
  4. Changed JS loading back to being synchronous, async was inducing random load times for no reason.


  1. Work begun on porting Buy Now to Node.js.


  1. Added support for >implying
  2. Removed hidden [greentext] BBCode
  3. Increased imageboard paging to 100 posts/page
  4. New imageboard style
  5. Added inline image expansion for imageboards
  6. Added >>quoting for imageboards
  7. Forum boards are now grouped by type
  8. Translation and CS:GO forums have been removed for inactivity
  9. Fixed new users not being redirected to the Welcome page
  10. Fixed go to recent post buttons not working
  11. Can only post threads on imageboards with images


  1. Added thread watching.


  1. Added the Knowledge Base.
  2. Removed the FAQ and Support (help) pages, since they are now redundant.


  1. Fixed duplicated weapons in schema search for CS:GO.


  1. Steam emoticon support.


  1. Added support for Office Simulator 2014.
  2. Fixed comment avatars not linking.


  1. Fixed unhiding comments displaying the reply box.


  1. Added rarity borders for GO items.


  1. Fixed backpack view not working properly if a preferred game was set to something other than TF2 or Dota 2.
  2. Added customizable degradation qualities to CS:GO items in the wishlist.
  3. CS:GO item support finalized.


  1. Fixed not getting data for non-schema items in trade view.


  1. Added support for CS:GO items.
  2. Re-added background colors for spiral knights items.
  3. A few database improvements.


  1. Fixed search having scrollbars.
  2. Updated offer UI.


  1. Updated the Add UI.
  2. Added smart errors.
  3. Cleansed the admin panels of untranslated strings.


  1. Optimised the loading of favorite items in the schema, cutting load times by more than half in testing.
  2. Now possible to search via Craft/Crate/Medal number in the backpack filter.
  3. Fixed craft/crate/medal numbers on trade editing (again?)


  1. Added anti-phishing.
  2. Items can now be deleted from the collection box.


  1. Fixed searching in private boards.
  2. Improved quote BBCode.
  3. Fixed forum posts on profiles.


  1. Removed the image_url from items and wanteditems now that it is no longer necessary.
  2. Fixed More Info modal not loading on a backpack page.
  3. Added Bypass F2P Check button for senior admins.
  4. Fixed items in the edit UI not having their schemas loaded.
  5. Fixed the bpitems preset tiles not loading in the edit UI.
  6. Fixed craft number searching.


  1. Given the non-schema games a properly defindexed schema.
  2. Removed old defindex-merging code.
  3. Removed some more admin strings from the localization.


  1. Fixed trade history logs for broken names.


  1. Fixed another fatal crash in the repair code.
  2. Updated the changelog.
  3. Updated the about page.
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