Hey shaun, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you about your raffle query. The issue doesn't arise from the linking of the raffle group but that it is not an affiliated partner. Our partner sites (including tf2r) have had to jump through hoops and support us in a variety of ways and we feel it is important to support them as best we can and one way of doing that is to limit advertising. Hope this is clear and let me know if I can explain anything more clearly! :)
I know what you mean but i was doing this auction to look around for good offers as normal trades dont give me any offer on bazaar.tf. Sidenote: the Offers posted yet were like 1/3 of the actual price and the Starting Offer was the default set
awesome guy, and a funny fun
wow, you JUST noticed?
Since you were out, i can give you a heads up when i get another B.M.O.C. That's if you would like of course
Hey man, I apologize about the raffle, I had a family emergency that I had to tend to. Thank you for the tip, have a great day :D