None to display... For now.

If I'm offline, please use the trade offer button next to my name.
If you win any of my auction please add me within 3 days. After that I will disregard of previous offer and you will have to bid again in future auction.
Sent you a trade offer on the auction you have won. Congratulations!
No problem. Thank you for understanding.
You reported a trade for not accepting bids. And the auctioneer asked for pure (keys, buds, or money, basically currency) bids only. Only unusuals along with small amounts of pure were bidded. Thus, the guy had all reasons to not mark anything.
Technically, the guy was asking for pure only and there were no pure offers.
+rep fast and understandable trader
Just saw your friend request, but you're offline. Hope to trade with you soon!
Hey, I won the auction. My internet will be out until tomorrow so I'll have to get back to you then. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Aweseom, quick and fair trader!