Question, if you decided to no longer provide the service made by your own thread.
How do you close it? ( Forum / Services )
Hi! Thank you for swiftly resolving my reported issue. I'll file another report might it occur again. But it seems to be dealt with.

Have a good one!
this isn't a trade post but rather me saying sorry for wasting your time with the matter on the report _inu
im giving you 36 keys for the unusual tough stuff muffs kill a watt
I cant trade yet, and i'm interested in your unusual offers. Do I have permission to add you?
If you give me 20 bucks i'll assassinate one of Alpha's melons....for 10 bucks more i'll take 1 extra down too
I would like to upgrade to platinum VIP but I'm on mobile atm.Can you please send me a trade offer with the required amount in keys? Thanks.