I can trade now, send me a trade offer whenever you can.
There's a problem. I need to cancel a trade on trade hold and I won't be able to trade until next week. I also borrowed my authenticated device, so I cannot accept the trade. I apologize for inconvenience. My abilities to make trades are completely compromised now, and for next entire week too. Again, apologizes...
You won my auction. Please send me a trade offer. Thanks.
If I see a do ya like mudkipz post I'm kicking your ass and the auction you posted on was gonna be won by you but site fucked up auction closed without me closing it it's restarted just so you can repost your bid so we can rate it gain that +feedback that we need anyways here is the link and I added plenty of time for you to repost your bid sorry for the delay but no one can beat your bid forsure http://bazaar.tf/trade/1460606
Dear Medical Mann,
There is a little problem with your auction. I can't see tf2 items on the website, so I can't choose the highest bid.
As soon as this disappare I will choose the winner and contact you if you won or not
Ps. Sry for my language.
you won the auction offer me a trade