Yop cause this child thinks buying my items for LESS THAN BOTS is a great deal for me, not once did I say I was quick selling anything or giving discounts, if anything his 40 ref offer for my 54 ref in items at bot buyorders is as rude as you can get
-rep is very clueless. Doesn't know the concept of bulk buying and was very rude.
Hey dude, can you just pay in pure for my sniper rifle?
I find it so funny that everyone that always leaves a negative comment always deletes my comments off their profile lmao childish kids
-Rep Lowballs items from others, overprice his items and stop trading without a word when you send a counter-offer
-Rep cries cause he bases his price from himself
-Rep lowballs more than unique item traders, 2 attempted lowball offers currently on me
+Rep Great deal, Great guy the full package!