You're here because you want to trade items, right? We'll show you how.

Traders are a fickle bunch, we'll tell you that. Before you start, try to remember the following:

  • Read trade notes if there are any. It's common for users to put up a single item even when they want multiples of it, so take listings with a grain of salt.
  • Be polite. If you don't like an offer, hide it and move on.
  • Help keep our site clean: Please report anything that violates our Community Rules. Use the button to report something.

The trade posts that you see on the Dashboard belong to other users. They want to trade their items (the items on the left side) for some other items (the items on the right hand side).

Look for a trade you want to do. Better yet, search for one. When using the search feature, the same rules apply (their items on the left, the items they are looking for on the right).

Tutorial Image 1

1. Found a trade you want to do? Click View.

Tutorial Image 2

2. Is it what you're looking for? Add the user or offer them something.

Heads Up!

Users are able to disable the Add Friend button on their trades and replace it with an Offer button. The Offer button opens up a Trade Offer window with the other user. If you don't know what Trade Offers are maybe you'd like to read more about it.

Once you're comfortable, maybe you should make your own trade. It's rather simple, just do as the others do.

Tutorial Image 3

1. Click New. For now, leave the trade type as Trade.

Tutorial Image 4

2. Click on items to add them to your trade.

Tutorial Image 5

3. Click the other item box to open the Wishlist editor.

Tutorial Image 6

4. Click on items to add them to the other side of the trade.

Tutorial Image 7

5. Customize the items you'd like to receive.

Tutorial Image 8

6. Add a message then click Add Trade. Success!

A few timesavers

  • You're able to bookmark items to make them appear in the wishlist panel by default when you're searching or making trades. Click the little star on the items to toggle them as favorite items.
  • Have OCD about the order of the items in your trade? Click and drag to move them about.

Once you've nailed the basics, perhaps you should read the next article to find out what other cool things we can offer.

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