Welcome to A Better Bazaar - a page entailing the new features of Bazaar 2.0. It will be released to the public pretty soon, we just need to polish some more things up.

There is a new tab under +new. Click "Sell Now" to sell your items without having to deal with bartering!

This innovative system easily lets you initiate trades for Team Fortress 2 currency. Simply enter your items, adjust the price slider, click "Update Price" to see what your items will be valued at and add the trade as usual.

Trades created under Sell Now follow a unique rule where bartering is not allowed for either the seller or the buyer.

Unrelated Changes

  • All trading-related pages have been given a visual overhaul.
  • You can now switch pages of your backpack or schema with a filter active.
  • As seen on the right, the trade UI behaves a little better.
*It is still probably going to take forever regardless.

There is a counterpart to Sell Now - Buy Now! Who could have guessed.

Buy Now is essentially Sell Now in reverse. Pick the items you want then customize them to your needs. Even better, you don't need to have metal or keys in your inventory to make a Buy Now trade.

As with Sell Now, Buy Now trades are barter-free safe havens.

More Unrelated Changes

  • There are now forced tutorials for Auctions, Sell Now and Buy Now.
  • When posting or editing a post on the forums you will be redirected to your post.
  • The Imageboard UI has been updated.

Are you serious? Eye candy? This is a trade site.

YES. Pick any colour and watch what happens. Using the magic of LESS, we bring you complete control over the site's look and feel, so feel free to theme the site in your favorite shade of red or orange or green or something.

Even More Unrelated Changes

  • Search for popular items quicker! "Find Sellers" and "Find Buyers" have been added to the dropdown menu of every item.
  • The navigation bar has been redesigned to give faster access to options such as your matches, bookmarks and so on.
  • All your notifications are now put into a easy-to-access list.

This feature is not yet fully complete - it is still a prototype, and some pages will display incorrectly.

Thanks to Responsive Design, our site is now much more compatible with handheld devices. You will be able to see this for yourself simply by resizing the browser window (or, you know, by using a phone).

When the site is small enough, the navigation bar will change into a togglable vertical format and elements that are usually alongside will begin to stack, retaining ease of use without hastily sacrificing useful features - a common pitfall in most mobile site variations.

Why Can't I Hold All These Unrelated Changes

  • User Search has been added.
  • Trade statistics are now displayed with an associated icon to compact them a little.
  • Placeholders can now be added to the user side of trades.

This was supposed to be the prime focus of 2.0, but instead is being pushed back to 2.1. The reasoning behind it is that the Dashboard is a feature on a level we haven't really attempted before - a flexible, customizable design that users can adapt to their needs. We are confident it's going to work, however.

Meanwhile, all these new features should be sufficient and hopefully it will be worth the wait. Expect Bazaar 2.0 real soon when it's done.