1. Prevented the admin give item function from duplicating collection items.
  2. Repairable trades. 3.5.1


  1. fixed quantity modifier not getting in edit mode
  2. Fixed "nobody" always appearing in collect items 3.5


  1. Updated comment UI.
  2. Re-added untradable but wrappable items to the add trade UI (will take effect at schema update)


  1. Added Random Weapon and Craft Hat placeholder functionality to Buy Now.


  1. Collect Items has been added to the Trades menu.


  1. Updated pagination sitewide.
  2. Fixed report category select fading to white.


  1. The Collect UI now uses the normal item styling.
  2. The submit buttons on the add trade forms are now disabled after validation to prevent people spam-clicking.
  3. You can now search for inventory item "types" in the schema search, primarily to find item sets like cards and wallpapers.
  4. Trade close buttons are also disabled after clicking to prevent spam-clicking.
  5. The edit panel for items are now removed properly if an item is deleted from the add trade UI.
  6. Items in the add trade UI are now sortable.
  7. Added Dota 2 support for wiki links.
  8. Removed old endless scrolling JS.
  9. Fixed margins on add trade UI.


  1. Schema UI is now autofocused.
  2. Backpack items are now re-disabled upon inventory switching.
  3. The forward slash at the end of URLs is now parsed by regex properly.
  4. Crates are now priced properly.
  5. Fixed a probable bug in paint pricing.
  6. Fixed duplication in collect items. (FOR REAL THIS TIME)
  7. Added new unusual effect icons. 3.4.4


  1. Buy Now: Fatal crash fix.
  2. Added personal greetings.
  3. Fixed the possibility of duping the collection items upon trade closure.
  4. Added trade type filtering to search.
  5. 3.4.3


    1. The way user data is temporarily stored has been modified.
    2. Bugs relating to crate/craft/medal numbers have been fixed. 3.4.2


    1. JavaScript deferral improvements for faster loading.
    2. Added stats to /trades.
    3. Cleaned up the Add Trade/Add Auction/Search UIs to be more responsive. 3.4.1


    1. Schema performance upgrade - a lot of unused data has been removed from cache. The schema now uses memcached like everything else again. 3.4


    1. Live editing: The Search/Add schema UI is now more WYSIWYG.
    2. Fixed being able to add posts after thread lock.
    3. Updated forum UI.
    4. Fixed schemas not loading for offered items in trades which didn't have items for that game.
    5. Removed unused debug code.
    6. Not all search GET tags are required.


    1. The item backend has been rewritten to decrease bandwidth usage by over 100%.
    2. The item schema UI has been updated.
    3. Advanced search now includes paint.
    4. The Edit Trade UI has been updated to allow editing of items without needing to remove them first.
    5. The Backpack UI has been updated. 3.3


    1. Disallowed being able to set an auction time of zero (or less).
    2. Public beta release of Buy Now


    1. Buy Now implementation
    2. Updated advanced search placement
    3. New method of gifted item saving


    1. Fixed game searching


    1. Fixed item names disappearing.
    2. Fixed trades getting level 0 wanteditems
    3. Removed item_name from items and wanteditems tables since it is now redundant
    4. Rewrote close and open functions. 3.2.1


    1. Additional Spiral Knights support.
    2. tradable is now parsed as flag_cannot_trade.
    3. "Add Items" is now affected by Preferred Game.
    4. Added SK and SMNC to Preferred Game and Hide Inventories. 3.2


    1. Steam URLs are now parsed in formatting.
    2. Removed URL from SteamID64 in More Info.


    1. New inventory parser allows for dynamic menu.
    2. Add Trade backend rewritten.
    3. Add Comment backend rewritten.
    4. Spiral Knights and SMNC support added.
    5. Portal 2 support readded.
    6. Gift VIP placeholders can be used in auctions again. 3.1.2


    1. New tf2op wordfilter.
    2. Fixed craftable search.
    3. Fixed profile comments.
    4. Added steam coupon support.


    1. Added silent referrals.
    2. Updated profile UI.
    3. Fixed auctions with x buds x keys 0 refined being counted as "free" 3.1.1


    1. Added CS:GO support.
    2. Removed level attributes from Find Buyers.
    3. Updated x More Items functionality
    4. Tutorials 3.1


    1. Uphauled the admin system.
    2. Fixed regular users being able to hide ads. 3.0


    1. New layout.
    2. Updated the Notifications menu to allow users to click anywhere.
    3. Added visible untradable/uncraftable item borders.
    4. Updated widget settings button - only shows on widgets with settings. 2.9.13


    1. Updated the item attributes panel for the first time in a year.
    2. Trading card support.
    3. Split the game and tcg inventories.
    4. Fixed a few inconsistences around reply boxes. 2.9.12


    1. Referrers added to lists.


    1. Added Signature.
    2. Removed Bookmark/Report/Add buttons from trades belonging to yourself.
    3. Reordered buttons on tradehelper/view for consistency.
    4. Updated the trades index banners. Added one for guests.
    5. Added EE logging.
    6. Added referrals
    7. Removed from the bbcode toolbar to stop things from looking weird.
    8. Fixed a bug with trade editing which caused items from other trades to be removed. 2.9.11


    1. Removed the login progress bar.
    2. Removed the language select for new users. New users will begin with English.
    3. Updated the welcome page. 2.9.10


    1. Unusuals are now exempt from same-item bidding.
    2. Fixed incorrect trade layouts in /item/.
    3. The edit trade item deletion algorithm has been fixed. Items which are no longer used are deleted.
    4. Added Advanced Search.
    5. Posts by blocked users are now hidden.


    1. Game searching has been fixed for new trades.
    2. Added "Disable advanced media BBCode".
    3. Removed trashcanned threads from the Recent Topics list.
    4. Added tf2outpost to wordfilter.
    5. Corrected margins on added widgets.
    6. Added setting panels to blog widgets.
    7. Updated the method that widgets use to load a settings panel.
    8. User search now supports id32.
    9. Steam Lookup widget added. 2.9.9


    1. Fixed a bug resulting from the inability to open closed auctions.
    2. A 0-50% slider was added to the auctions.


    1. Updated the Add Trade UI.
    2. Updated the Add Auction UI.
    3. Starting bids are now automated.
    4. Placeholders are no longer allowed in auctions.
    5. Fixed items priced in USD not working with auctions.
    6. Removed open buttons from finished auctions.
    7. Added in a new rating penalty to punish users who do not mark bids before the auction ends.


    1. Added Banned tags to the forums.
    2. Updated the Search UI.


    1. The list UI has been updated.
    2. The "Click reply to view" string has been updated.
    3. "Did you know?" has been updated.
    4. Multiple pages around the site now use alert-outline instead of alert-info.
    5. Added a trade tutorial. 2.9.8


    1. Forum thread model was updated and some code was rewritten.


    1. A bug where searches would load the schema twice, subsequently causing memory issues, was fixed.
    2. Metal and keys now bypass the duplicate trade filter.
    3. Auctions in decision time can definitely not be commented on.
    4. The Guillotine price has been fixed (bug fix was also suggested to Bradpitt as this stems from his API)
    5. The following pages have been updated to a new design:
      • Authentication Required
      • Banned
      • Private Profile
      • WIP
      • Error 400
      • Error 500
      • Warning
      • F2P block


    1. Fixed level 0 displaying on placeholders
    2. Fixed currency converter widget.
    3. Changed the tab index of the formatting bar.


    1. Added "Toggle EE Filter" for moderators.
    2. Fixed ranged prices not converting properly.
    3. Added experience enhance flag request report category.
    4. Fixed bug caused by earlier fix which led to some items being listed with a max price range of 0.
    5. "Calculate" has been removed.
    6. prices placeholder has been added.
    7. Now possible to bookmark placeholders. 2.9.7


    1. Updated page refresher detection.
    2. Removed old quickbuy trade block code and updated the flagging for quickbuy trades.
    3. The relisted trade filter has been fixed and readded.
    4. No longer possible to add ungiftable untradable items. 2.9.6


    1. Updated the crate widget.
    2. Fixed "Use VIP" not redirecting.
    3. Finished new settings panel.
    4. Experience Enhance added.
    5. Friendly dates on trade notes can now be hovered over to see the actual time it was added.
    6. Added forum search.
    7. Added Blocked Users panel to Settings.
    8. Segregated VIP Packs and VIP setting tabs.


    1. Added item blacklist to combat scammers.
    2. Fixed trades being accidentally reported as admin closed. 2.9.5


    1. Auctions now auto-close on finish.
    2. Decision time starts on a user's next login. Users get a message when this starts.
    3. Bids cannot be retracted during decision time. 2.9.4


    1. Treasure Trails medals have been distributed.


    1. Fixed missing "Your Inventory" string on the Comment Add Items UI
    2. Fixed paint prices duplicating


    1. Removed user comment AJAX
    2. No longer possible to remove items from an auction.
    3. F2Ps have been blocked from the site again.
    4. Updated Hide Trade animation
    5. Updated the comment UI animations
    6. Fixed lack of proper formatting on child comment auction reputation
    7. Fixed hidden_trades on Hidden Trades page
    8. The formatting toolbar has been updated.
    9. Updated the donate message for plat VIPs.
    10. Removed ability to add Dota 2 gifts as bids to auctions.
    11. Strange Parts are now used for pricing.
    12. Vintage special levelled weapon prices have been tweaked.
    13. Untradability penalty has been reimplemented.
    14. Fixed "auction time not set" error on Internet Explorer
    15. Top Traders and Top Posters have been added to the Lists section
    16. Users now lose 2 rep if an auction is closed administratively or they close a trade with an accepted bid.


    1. Bidding with same item refined to only go off when the offered item and auctioned item was equal to one
    2. Recent topics list on forums and widget now uses the data from the board list to get boards a user can see rather than a static list - VIPs and admins can now see threads from boards only they can see in the recent topics list now.
    3. New Report UI
    4. Prevented being able to set faulty look and feel settings
    5. Added protection to the word filter to prevent SQL errors


    1. Added protection against adding items to bids when they already exist in a user's open trades.
    2. Disallowed bidding with the same item that is in the auction.
    3. Added protection against Dota 2 trades.
    4. Users cannot reopen Declined tickets. 2.9.3


    1. Added additional keys to the blacklist (hotfix)
    2. Functionalised all ban code to globalise it and add in auto-auction close upon ban 2.9.2


    1. Fixed paint pricing.
    2. Fixed lack of rounding on prices other than metal. 2.9.1


    1. Added Forum Move function
    2. Changed erroneous "this thread is locked" on locked boards
    3. Fixed custom name colors overriding ban color
    4. Logging out fixed
    5. Comments deleted by an admin are now kept, but are invisible to regular users
    6. Comments now have a backpack button 2.9


    1. Treasure Trails
    2. Updated Users page 2.8.2


    1. Auction ratings now display on comments
    2. Stopped auction warning appearing after the auction was over 2.8.1


    1. Pricing calculation is now applied to both low and high values independently instead of badly trying to calculate the difference
    2. Gift wrapped items will now go to the correct page upon using Find Sellers/Find Buyers/Suggest New Price buttons
    3. Spotlight/Auctions Ending Soon lists will now paginate correctly.
    4. Fixed pagination of My Trades going into Offers.
    5. Fixed Matches displaying improperly. 2.8


    1. Blacklist for Dota 2 and TF2 updated.
    2. Added live auction countdowns
    3. Accepted offers are now removed from prematurely closed auctions so feedback cannot occur
    4. "Decision Time" now has its own countdown
    5. You can now close an auction during decision time without losing reputation
    6. New in-between icon for auctions.
    7. Only operators can now submit or push the English language.
    8. Retract button added.
    9. Prevented bid acception when trades are closed.
    10. Added warning messages for auction rep loss.


    1. Now using v3 of pricing.
    2. Price ranges added.
    3. Price fluctation arrows added, which will display if the current price is less than a week old. 2.7.9


    1. Warning system. 2.7.8


    1. Half-optimised the drawList trade function.
    2. Metadata for defindexes now added to trades.
    3. Search system updated.
    4. Pages added to search. 2.7.7


    1. Added donator-50/donator-100 rewards.
    2. New PHP-based LESS compiler. 2.7.6


    1. Added preset responses for support tickets.
    2. Improved trade list garbage collection to prevent script crashes on searches.
    3. Matches widget removed, found to be source of issues
    4. Added page numbers to forums.
    5. Attempting to go to a thread page that is more than the maximum number of pages or less than 1 will redirect to the nearest available page. 2.7.5


    1. New bad phrase filter for quickbuy trades.
    2. Because of recent changes, quicksell has been removed from the default word filter. 2.7.4


    1. Strange Parts added.
    2. Suggest New Price will now only show on TF2 items. 2.7.3


    1. Dota 2 item quality is now visible.
    2. Ancient CSS has been added.
    3. Added anti-autobump protection. 2.7.2


    1. The amount of trades viewable in a list has been changed from 10 to 20.
    2. Various HTML tags have been removed from items when they are unnecessary to conserve bandwidth.
    3. Now unable to set yourself as the highest bidder.
    4. The number of auction ranks have been increased.
    5. Text colors, e.g. blue, pink, etc, for [color] now work again.
    6. Added donation pledge message for adblockers.
    7. Selecting Steam games while making a trade no longer opens the menu.
    8. Changed Auction filtering to two modes: Recent (last bumped) and Ending Soon (sorted by descending time). 2.7.1


    1. Added support for Dota 2 tourney tags. 2.7


    1. Added statistic lists.
    2. Added more responses to the item generator.
    3. Added Preferred Game.
    4. Fixed Search loading the schema twice.
    5. Dota backpacks now appear as 8x8.
    6. Greevil eggs are now styled properly.
    7. The borders of Dota items now use item rarity instead of quality.


    1. Fix: Bookmarks and Hidden pagination not working properly.
    2. Added item rarities to the Dota schema.
    3. Removed at least 250 dud items from the Dota schema.
    4. Restored Block User functionality. 2.6.1


    1. Added goToLastPost() for the Recent Topics widget.
    2. Widgets now use popovers for content.
    3. [url] is fixed again.
    4. [youtube] added. 2.6


    1. Added reputation loss for closing an auction that a bid has been accepted on early.
    2. Memcache support - works this time!
    3. Auction feedback added.
    4. Auction tutorial rewritten.
    5. Added visible auction reputation.


    1. Backpack is private messages now display properly.
    2. Search button is now smarter.
    3. Prices now update every 10 minutes instead of 30
    4. Added data for crates 51-55 to the crate sim
    5. An inverse option for Hide Unusuals has been added. This open is now known as "Toggle Unusual Trades".
    6. Rating Dispute has been added to the Support service.
    7. [code] now uses pre instead of code tags.


    1. Memcache support Need to configure again fuck this it still isn't working and just caused nginx to 404 everything last time I tried help


    1. Added Social and Trader ranks. 2.5


    1. F2P Access: F2Ps are now able to use the site.
    2. Added F2P name tags and warnings when viewing an F2P's trade.
    3. Added log filtering by IP address. 2.4


    1. Posts tab on profiles now works.
    2. New trade design.
    3. More notification messages should disappear automatically now.


    1. Private forums are now unaccessible for guests.


    1. A calculate button has been added to the add trade page.
    2. Buy Now and Sell Now have been removed.


    1. Removed /community. All group/server info was moved to /about. All affiliate links were placed in the footer.


    1. Fixed new items in Backpacks causing a massive gap.
    2. Quotes updated.
    3. All item qualities are now localised.
    4. Removed more duplicate items from schema view. 2.3


    1. Fixed forum bug where clicking last post link on an empty thread would lead to an error.
    2. Added comment reporting.
    3. Added first version of Translation Service.
    4. New Admin interface.
    5. Support for 1000+ item backpacks. 2.2.4


    1. Prevented searches/matches showing nonexistant items forever.
    2. 500/400 pages updated 2.2.3


    1. Added duplicate trade prevention. 2.2.2


    1. More custom colour options added.
    2. Fixed a bug which would cause custom colours starting with 0s to fail.
    3. Added default colour buttons. 2.2.1


    1. Raffles added. 2.2


    1. Item offers added.
    2. Site FAQ updated.


    1. Removed alert-block which did not belong in alerts at all.
    2. Ticket UI updated.
    3. Now possible to change a denied/successful ticket's status.
    4. Major JavaScript cleanup.
    5. New loading bar.
    6. Navbars updated to mobile view.
    7. Switch function added to Search.
    8. Comments no longer rely on AJAX for better loading.


    1. Merged all feed models into one.
    2. Kritzkast Blog and Kritzkast Episodes widgets added.
    3. The widget UI has been updated.
    4. Community and StreamChat are now under the Social menu.
    5. prices API cache time reduced to 30 minutes.
    6. Site cache in production mode reduced to 6 hours.
    7. Reports and Support Tickets are listed as notifications for Admins again.
    8. Ticket assigning added.
    9. Item IDs no longer display on placeholder items and games. 2.1.7


    1. Level 0 items show again 2.1.6


    1. CSRF vulnerability patching.
    2. index navbar updated. 2.1.5


    1. [img] tag now disabled in trades.
    2. Hopefully fixed inability to make/edit trades in certain instances.
    3. More invalid items removed from the item schema.
    4. Spotlight added as a feature.
    5. Users are no longer able to hide their own trades.
    6. Trades belonging to a permabanned user will be closed upon ban.
    7. SteamRep protection should now unban a user if they are no longer marked.
    8. Medals for donating should no longer be given incorrectly.


    1. Take medal feature fixed.
    2. Manual payment feature redirects properly.
    3. Improved the reading of the support page.
    4. Hopefully fixed the cannot edit trade bug.
    5. Max file size for custom images is now documented in VIP settings
    6. All users who bookmark a trade will be notified if it closes or reopens.
    7. Strange ranks for non-English languages will now appropriately appear in brackets.
    8. BazaarBot code updated.


    1. The matches/similar tabs have been removed from Trades until a better solution can be made.
    2. A bug where /forum/create would cause a redirect loop has been fixed.
    3. The donate page is now its own route for
    4. The donate page has been graphically updated.
    5. Patched affiliates seeing the Admin option on the dropdown menu. 2.1.4


    1. A new style for deleted items has been added.
    2. Information for crate series #49 has been added to the crate sim widget.
    3. A bug causing all rows to be retreived when searching has been patched. 2.1.3


    1. Added Affiliated Community Admin rank to replace the redundant Platinum VIP at admin level 1.
    2. Removed the window focus detection from chat until a better solution is made.
    3. Fixed StreamChat duplicating messages (I hope)
    4. Added pretty trade arrows
    5. Items are now sorted by name
    6. Bitcoins added as an item placeholder.
    7. New placeholder icons.
    8. Auctions updated.


    1. Search results are now static.
    2. Old items now removed on trade edit - fixed searches bringing up non-existant items.
    3. Add Trade now prevents you from adding a trade without items inserted.


    1. Prevented notification counter dropping below zero
    2. Fixed being unable to edit trades when too many are open 2.1.2


    1. Crate Simulator widget added.
    2. A bug regarding limitless bumping fixed.
    3. 1.6 trade conversion code removed.
    4. Added widget saving compatibility for checkboxes


    1. Widget saving mechanism has been updated to look for any select/input/textarea elements in widgets instead of the direct child.


    1. ETF2L model now caches properly.
    2. Currency Converter added as a widget
    3. Backpack cache has been reduced to 5 minutes from 10


    1. Normal added as a selectable item quality. 2.1.1


    1. Trade filter bar added. 2.1


    1. Comment indexing improved.
    2. Fixed excessive filtering issue on add trade/search - filter now activates 0.5 seconds after a user stops typing
    3. Chat design updated.
    4. Chat limits added.


    1. added as a widget.
    2. ETF2L added as a widget.
    3. Trade indexing improved.


    1. Placeholder items can now be removed from Edit Trade.


    1. Updated localization for ban strings.
    2. Clicking "more items" will bring you to the trade.
    3. Updated used API for
    4. TF2 (HTTP) API added.
    5. TF2 News widget added.
    6. Recent Topics widget added.


    1. Notes widget added.
    2. Random Weapon Generator widget added.
    3. Widget positioning polished.
    4. More Random Weapon Generator strings added.
    5. Matches widget added.
    6. Bazaar News widget added.
    7. Weapon generator updated to load random weapon on first load.


    1. Dashboard data saving/retreival added.
    2. Index now displays trades of all types.
    3. Rules page updated.
    4. Dashboard settings storage code updated. 2.0.6


    1. Fixed a bug where new user accounts would get an error.
    2. Fixed a redirect loop for new F2P users. 2.0.5


    1. Trade Editing added.
    2. Quotes fixed.
    3. Page layout has been redesigned to make user-images non-intrusive.
    4. A close button has been added back to trade lists, and will now show up for mods/admins.


    1. Logs recoded from scratch.
    2. New admin log interface. 2.0.1


    1. Auctions fixed again.
    2. Removed redundant ItemHelper code.
    3. Reapplied formatting to trade notes in the expand pane.
    4. Fixed certain strange ranks showing up incorrectly.
    5. Fixed massive gap in Backpack view where unplaced items appeared.
    6. Fixed wishlistable Steam games using old code.
    7. Fixed Lugermorph price not appearing. 2.0


    1. Basic placeholders can now be added to the user side of trades.
    2. Fixed Similar/Matches not getting results.
    3. Prevented the same trade from showing up in Similar again.
    4. Added margins to Support index.
    5. Updated site footer for the first time since alpha.
    6. Added a color HTML5 element to Settings.
    7. Trade stats no longer show up on the mobile view.
    8. Medals temporarily commented out.
    9. Name tags, paints and quantities realigned.
    10. Key/Earbud prices no longer refer to themselves.
    11. Usernames in the dropdown are now truncated.
    12. Replacement images are now displaying again.


    1. User count on about page no longer shows autobanned users who never logged in.
    2. Trade stats now changed to icons.
    3. New notification menu.
    4. Navbar now has hover-activated menus.
    5. All Messages added.
    6. Fixed craftable/uncraftable flags being the wrong way around.
    7. Updated pricing to utilize uncraftable pricing.
    8. The help articles have been updated.
    9. Comments fixed.
    10. Forum design finalized.
    11. Trade window design finalized.
    12. Schema page updated.


    1. Frontend updated.
    2. User Search added.


    1. Trade comments updated to new style.
    2. Old display mode code removed.
    3. Stat boxes added to profile pages.
    4. Search JS updated.
    5. Prevented menus from opening in trade interfaces.
    6. Support comments updated to new style.
    7. User comments updated to new style.
    8. Prevented users from going over the 15% offset on Sell Now/Buy Now.
    9. Added html5slider.js for Firefox 4 support.
    10. Blog fixed (hotfix applied to main site)
    11. Can now unsticky/sticky existing threads.


    1. Fixed a bug where closing trades from the item details/profile page would redirect incorrectly.
    2. SteamRep added to Affiliates list.
    3. Look & Feel added to Settings.


    1. Readded support for giftwrapped items.
    2. Find Sellers and Find Buyers added to the item dropdown.
    3. Open trades in new window added as an option.
    4. Fixed escaping on recent thread list.
    5. Readded support for deleted items.
    6. CSS converted to LESS.
    7. First dynamic colour concept added: defaultColour is now an admin option


    1. Updated Sell Now tutorial to refer to Buy Now as well.
    2. Buy Now added.


    1. Trade Lists/Posts UI updated.
    2. Fixed a bug regarding a Bookmarks page crash.
    3. Note toggles readded.
    4. Thread pagination controls now exist at the top of threads.
    5. Fixed bug where clicking an item with no dropdown menu would cause the dropdown feature to lock forever.


    1. Added Forced Tutorial for Auctions.
    2. Added Forced Tutorial for Sell Now.
    3. Imageboard UI updated.
    4. Rich media is now disabled on imageboards.
    5. Fixed first item disappearing on backpack/schema lists.
    6. name() has been updated to work more reliably in conditions where Steam is down or a user is not registered.


    1. Sell Now added.
    2. Unnoticed, untranslated string in the View page finally updated.
    3. Editing or creating a post in the forums will now redirect you to your post.
    4. Unusuals now work for Sell Now.
    5. Trade UI is now finalised.


    1. Placeholder icons now automatically appear to mimic Steam's layout.
    2. Add Trade backend now supports new icon style.
    3. Trade UI updated.
    4. Auction UI updated.


    1. Fixed a bug where custom ribbon/image "View Current" buttons were mislinking.
    2. New backpack icon code.
    3. Now possible to switch pages with an item filter active. 1.8.2


    1. "Hidden" notifications no longer get sent to users who hide their own comments posted on other trades.
    2. Users can no longer unhide comments on other trades if they were hidden by the trade owner.
    3. Textarea autoresize improved - it will no longer clip off some lines.
    4. Auction list no longer shows finished auctions.
    5. Fixed an issue where global trade matches were not fetching results.
    6. Fixed an issue with placeholder items.
    7. Placeholder items fixed for Dota 2 and Portal 2. 1.8.1


    1. Dota 2 blacklist updated.
    2. Placeholder items are now game specific.
    3. Sweets added as a placeholder.
    4. Game searching fixed - now searches by game name.
    5. Fixed most recent poster displaying as the OP in post preview.
    6. Manual Payment option added for admins.
    7. Donation system updated to allow for either gifting or upgrading. 1.8


    1. Forum:
      • Text board view updated to finale.
      • FindThreadByPost() now links to page in the thread and the post ID.
    2. Message styles updated.


    1. Forum:
      • Thread pagination now visible on thread lists.
      • Posts and Threads are now reportable.
    2. Reports recoded - now uses a modal.
    3. Users are now reportable.
    4. Max width/height of custom images are now dynamic.
    5. Accept/Hide/Mark Highest/Highest Bid buttons updated.
    6. Trade closing recoded - now uses a global modal.
    7. Read threads are now signified by their non-bold text.


    1. Forum:
      • Pagination added.
      • Imageboard: last 3 posts of the thread will show.
      • Added subtitles to board titles.
      • Fixed boards not showing for non-registered users.
      • Added VIP/Admin restriction.
      • Post editing added.
      • Post deleting added.
      • Spoilers added.
      • Sticky/"Pinned" threads added.
      • Platinum VIPs can now make up to one board.
      • Board owners will always have full control.
      • Forum bans added.
    2. Medals fixed.
    3. Help/Rules links now appear for non-registered users.
    4. Updated navbar for non-registered users.


    1. Forum:
      • Lastbump now amended to new threads.
      • "There are no threads to display" string.
      • Thread lists are now formatted better.
      • Thumbnail generation added.
      • Layout for text boards added.
      • View counter added.
      • Post counts added.


    1. User images and ribbons are now served from a cookieless domain.
    2. Forum:
      • Board, Thread and Post creation UIs added.
      • Bumping added.
      • Usernames now appear. 1.7.1


    1. Code Optimization.
    2. AJAX is now less intrusive - trades are now loaded with the page.
    3. Trade controls will now show on your trades wherever you see them.
    4. The item menu will no longer show upon clicking the delete button on items. 1.7


    1. SteamRep Beta API implemented.
    2. Bookmarks count added, courtesy of Outpost, since we seem to share ideas a lot.
    3. Images no longer display in trade lists. 1.6.9b (Pre-Mobile)


    1. lastBump is now user-oriented, removing a slow SQL call from running on every page load. ~27ms saved from page generation.
    2. BBCode will now wrap around text that is selected.
    3. Formatting toolbar added to ticket creation.
    4. Item Options is now localized.
    5. Search URLs have been shortened.
    6. Some miscellaneous non-localized strings have been localized.
    7. Classes and craft classes can now be searched for in the item filter. 1.6.9 (Pre-Mobile)


    1. Cache for user data now only updates every 15 minutes if their profile is private or they are F2P. Otherwise, it is now set to a day. (hotfix applied to the main site)
    2. Item menu added.
    3. TF2 Price Check Integration removed from Options, as it is now contained inside the item menu.
    4. Item History will now display trades the item is in even if the item cannot be found in the player's backpack.


    1. New tab style completed.


    1. Custom Ribbon added.
    2. Now possible to delete custom ribbons/custom images to return to default.
    3. Trade Hiding added.


    1. Item History now links to
    2. Display Mode added. 1.6.3


    1. Blog now uses Steam Community RSS.
    2. Old Announcement code removed.
    3. Affiliation service added.
    4. API and Translation help articles updated.
    5. Community added as a tab.
    6. Users page now uses tabs.


    1. Auction interface updated.
    2. Did You Know? added. 1.6.2


    1. Some page styles re-done.
    2. Fixed bug where banned users would bump any trades they had.
    3. Search engine rewritten.
    4. Matches tab added to Trades. 1.6.1


    1. Project Bumpless
    2. VIP gifting fixed.
    3. Fixed a bug where showing closed trades and searching would result in only closed trades coming up as results. 1.6


    1. Closed trades will now sort correctly.
    2. Custom images now display on the Backpack view.
    3. Item History added.
    4. Trades created before version 1.6 will have the unusual tag appended to them when listed.
    5. Usernames added to logs.
    6. Trades created before version 1.6 will have game tags appended to them when viewed.
    7. Removed defunct game template.
    8. Search Template added.
    9. Gifted and Crafted options readded.
    10. Usernames in messages now work properly.
    11. Closed/Reopened trade messages now occur.
    12. Messages API now sends a User's Steam data along with it.
    13. New medals added.


    1. Dota 2 paint support added.
    2. Users will now get medals for donations automatically.
    3. Your Contributions added under VIP settings.
    4. User parsing for messages added.
    5. Usernames now appear in messages.
    6. Toggle Inventories added as an option.
    7. Hide Unusual Trades added as an option.
    8. Navbar style updated.
    9. Closed trades will now sort correctly.
    10. Custom images now display on the Backpack view.


    1. Fixed word filter not affecting searches.
    2. Added Regular Expression option on the word filter.
    3. Users API changed to use ?json.
    4. Basic API documentation written.
    5. API and Translation added to the Help index.
    6. Steam Games now supported by wishlist.
    7. Show Closed Trades added an option.
    8. Support tickets now show the date.
    9. Support Ticket/Report count added to the navbar for admins. 1.5.1


    1. Steam Games are now in alphabetical order.
    2. Fixed search filters not working with capital letters.
    3. Default case added to support tickets to prevent the no-input bug.
    4. JSON for user messages added.


    1. A user's own trades won't appear in Offers anymore.
    2. FAQ section added.
    3. Side ad added.
    4. Fixed searches again (why does it keep misbehaving?) 1.5


    1. Steam games added to wishlists.
    2. Not craftable/not tradable options removed due to uselessness. 1.4.5


    1. Names that could not be found during an array merge will be flushed. 1.4.4


    1. Fixed bug where vintage items with no level set would get the x10 price bonus.
    2. Fixed TF2 Price Check links. 1.4.3


    1. F2P check enabled again - DotA 2 backpack slots were finally changed to 64 for F2Ps
    2. getBumpLimit() added to integrate steam group discount and make things a little shorter.
    3. Steam group bump discount added.
    4. Removed bump button from View Trade if the bump cooldown isn't yet met. 1.4.2


    1. Fixed bug where prices for unusuals did not appear in backpack view 1.4.1


    1. Added 50% and 33% item price penalties for untradability/uncraftability
    2. Removed medals from pricing
    3. Added various item price multipliers for odd leveled vintage hats and items
    4. Added 25% item price penalty for tradable item with gift text
    5. Added item price multiplier for painted items.
    6. Added item price multiplier for craft number items. 1.4


    1. Sorting and pricing re-coded yet again. Now fully works (except on crates), tuturuu~
    2. Debug code removed from profile comments.
    3. Viewing profile comments now removes feedback notifications.
    4. Administrative setting added to toggle language locking.
    5. Backpacks now display a user's name again.
    6. Undropped messages formatted.
    7. Prices now use x.xx style pricing.
    8. Prices added to schema items.
    9. Image Positioning added.
    10. Plat VIP max image size changed to 800x800.
    11. Added automatic caching to custom images.
    12. Loading h3s on tab changes given the loading class.
    13. Levels removed from strange quality items.
    14. Color codes added to gifted, crafted, tradable and untradable descriptions.


    1. Pricing added to backpack items.
    2. Schema and Backpack storage has been re-coded to sort the items when storing new data - no longer sorts after data retreival for greater performance.
    3. backpackSort and schemaSort functions merged into one. Now only handles pricing.
    4. Nametags for renamed items re-added after accidental removal.


    1. BackpackTF datasource added. 1.3


    1. Users API added.
    2. SteamHTTP datasource added.
    3. Steam Inventories are now supported. 1.2.6


    1. Searching backend fixed - behaviour was not acting as intended. Works wonders now. Please restore faith.
    2. Added Item Quantity to the Search system. 1.2.5


    1. New caching rules for Users and Backpacks.
    2. Cache for Users and Backpacks can now be flushed via URL - will be made user-friendly soon.
    3. Caching now user-based. Cache auto-updates per week on request, but logged in users will have their cache flushed every 15 minutes
    4. All old cache methods have been changed to the new system. 1.2


    1. Updated item description hovering methods to prevent DOM issues on endless scrolling.
    2. Item attributes are now functionalised to help construction of the item page.
    3. Backpack sort function moved to ItemObject Component and affected code updated.
    4. Item Lookup added.
    5. Item lookup will now work on backpacks.
    6. All pages with tabbed interfaces now have properly aligned message boxes.
    7. Message styles now use the Bootstrap equivalent.
    8. [*] can now be used for lazy bullet lists.


    1. Backpack updated to use tabs.
    2. Schema updated to use tabs.
    3. About page overhauled, new Dynamic controller for generic pages which need advanced db access.
    4. Scrap Metal, Reclaimed Metal and Refined Metal added to the list of donatable items.
    5. Item donations will now give users confirmation messages.
    6. Medal and crate numbers now supported for item parameters.
    7. A bug was fixed where items put into the database would use the float_value parameter for crates.
    8. Re-added the Open trade button which went missing since last update.
    9. Added Endless Scrolling to the index.
    10. Added toggle for Endless Scrolling.
    11. Design Changes:
      • New Loading GIF.
      • New subheading designs.
      • All admin interfaces now use proper btn btn-primary classes.
      • Added auto-expanding textareas.


    1. Quantity added as an item parameter. Items with a quantity more than 2 will be signified by a number in the top left.
    2. Fixed a bug with the Craft Number blueprint where not setting a number would cause a database error.
    3. TF2 Price Check Integration added as a feature.
    4. Auto-submitting form removed from logins.
    5. SteamRep scammer autoban added to user logins.
    6. SteamRep scammer autoban added to user profiles.
    7. Users should now be able to gift VIP to users who haven't made an account - an account will be created for them.
    8. Exception added to Steam API calls to prevent site crashes during Steam maintenance. (hotfix applied to the main site)
    9. Backpack and Reply buttons are now graphic icons.
    10. New replacement images for certain miscentred item icons.


    1. Users are now able to hide and unhide comments they posted in other people's trades. (hotfix applied to the main site)
    2. JavaScript finally optimised (hotfix applied to the main site)
    3. Fixed an important security hole (hotfix applied to the main site)
    4. Fixed an issue where users could not delete their own profile comments. (hotfix applied to the main site) 1.1.5


    1. Fixed apostrophe use on wordfilter/custom title.


    1. Advanced Item Information added as an option.
    2. Unauthorised users will now be redirected from the Settings panel.
    3. Deleted items are now shifted to the end of trades


    1. Encoding issues fixed for Umlauts - should work for Cryllic as well.
    2. Spanish translation updated.
    3. Settings panel updated to use tabs. 1.1


    1. Item favorites are now game specific
    2. Bookmarks added


    1. Item qualities/names fixed for non-authenticated users
    2. DotA 2 backpacks fixed (hotfix applied to the main site)
    3. Now impossible to respond to a hidden comment
    4. Comment reply box now moved to bottom of reply chain
    5. All comments now have a reply button
    6. Image upload support


    1. Fixed bug with user blocking where you could not unblock a user.
    2. Delete icons on add trade/search now use Bootstrap variants
    3. Favorite Items feature added


    1. Portuguese (Brazilian) added.
    2. Fixed bug where a user could reply to a closed trade
    3. Fixed bug where a user could use raw HTML by editing trade notes (hotfix applied to the main site)
    4. Profile notes added.
    5. Fixed bug where a user could manipulate forms to make trades with no items.
    6. Fixed bug where a user could use raw HTML in close trade messages (hotfix applied to the main site)
    7. Users can now delete comments from their own profiles.
    8. Language selection in options now uses names written in their respective languages.
    9. Added forced language selection for new users.


    1. Logs for a single user now available from their profile.
    2. Lv. 3 admins and above can now delete comments from trades. Deleting a parent comment will remove its children.