Discount Magician

3 years ago


              Professional Killstreak Australium Minigun
              Fire Horns, Deadly Daffodil
              Lv. 183

              Killstreak Australium Grenade Launcher (B/O: 13 keys 7 refined)
              Lv. 99

              Comment or send trade offer my way, preferably the latter. Don't add me. Also if I'm offline I'm probably just in Offline Mode.

              Trade offer link:

              Discount Magician

              3 years ago
                  • x16

                  Looking for offers. Don't add me.
                  B/O: 16 keys. Offers lower than the buyout will still be considered.
                  Send a trade offer here:

                  The unusual isn't duped.

                  Discount Magician

                  6 years ago

                            Send trade offer: