4 months ago

          Got These Unusuals For sell A Spelled Violent Violet Footprints Master's Yellow Belt It's Effect Is Circling TF Logo Its A Sniper Misc 270 Keys. A Unusual Massed Flies Exquisite Rack A Soldier Misc for 260 Keys. A Devilish Diablo Patriot Peak All Class Hat For 320 Keys. The Last Unusual For Sale is a Strange Death At Dusk Law Its All Class 400 Keys. Feel Free to Add me to negotiate looking for pure or unusual Miscs but I'm open to offers so hit me up


          a year ago
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                                          Selling Each Professional Kill streak Holy Mackerel Kit for 5 keys each or items that can be sold quickly for 5 keys. I Got lots of variety of kits for sale so just hit me up i'm sure i got what you want if you don't see what you want then hit me up it might be either in or the Community market.
                                          [b]Cerebral Discharge

                                          1.Agonizing Emerald (Subdued Green)

                                          2.Deadly Daffodil ( Yellow)

                                          3.Hot Rod (Pink)

                                          4.Manndarin (Orange)

                                          5.Mean Green (Bright Green)

                                          6.Team Shine (Red & Blue)


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                                          a year ago
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                                                            Selling This Unusual Roboactive Katyusha For Heavy. It Has A Clean History. Its A 1 Of 2 In Existence I Would Prefer Pure But I'm Open To All Offers If Its Liquidable. I Am Willing To Negotiate


                                                            a year ago
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                                                                            It's a Heavy Unusual. It Has A Clean History, Looks Really Good On RED Team, Level 40. Come One Come All. Tell All Your Friends About it Scream Fortress Is Coming Up And You Want To Be Prepared For All The Spookiness And Look Good Too When The Update Hits. Looks Funny With The Kiev. Come Spell Collectors Buy This Item Today. Feel Free To Add Me To Negotiate Looking For 50 Keys or Easy To Sell Items Offers.


                                                                            a year ago

                                                                                                Selling The Duped Haunted Ghosts Spelled Voices From Below Company Man Its An All Class Hat for 70 keys.
                                                                                                Each Pyroland Nightmare Hollowed Helm for 15 Keys Each
                                                                                                The Ethereal Essence Convict Cap for 10 Keys
                                                                                                The Vivid Plasma Boxcar Bomber for 67 Keys
                                                                                                The Roboactive Katyusha for 130 keys

                                                                                                Willing To Negotiate Feel Free To Add Me On Steam