2 months ago

                        Looking for any offers on any of these unusuals, or B/O on these prices

                        Wellrounded : 250 pure (have been offered 275)

                        Shoestring : 25 pure
                        Vive : 41 pure

                        Thousand Yard Stare : 90 pure

                        HWNN - 35 pure
                        Merc's - 30 Pure
                        [s]Topper - 140 pure

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                        8 years ago

                                      Selling an Orbiting Fire Noble Amassment

                                      B/O of 1.7 to 1.8 Buds

                                      Will not take professional killstreaks (killstreaks in general)
                                      Will take strange festives

                                      If offering overpay by 5% in unusuals or items

                                      Your offer will be removed if less or if not considered

                                      If considered or accepted I will add you

                                      If offering looking for other All Class unusual's or Soldiers.


                                      8 years ago
                                          This trade is closed.