3 years ago
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                    Hello all!

                    I'm selling this god tier hat with a spectacular effect!

                    B/O is 26 keys but the price is negotiable! (but keep in mind this is price I would instantly accept not the only one I would accept!)

                    Its clean!

                    The only one bazzar.tf!

                    add me, post here or send a trade offer

                    thanks for stopping by!


                    3 years ago


                        Selling this beautiful hat

                        B/O is 20 keys (though we can talk about it)

                        Has in my opinion one of the best effects and is a first gen effect!

                        It's a bucket hat and who doesn't want a schoolboy q scout?

                        Add me if you want to discuss or send a trade offer.

                        Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.