2 years ago
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            Trading A low craft number Engie body and Unusual + a 1/1 Solly Unusual!

            Disco Beat Down Engineer Cap - 28 Keys (35+ Unusuals)

            Craft Number #97 Egghead Overalls (Offers)

            Sulphorous Valley Forge with Head Horseshoes Spell 1/1 - 60 Keys (75+ Unusuals

            All Halloween 2016 Effects will be declined!

            Go ahead and send me a trade offer or add me! https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=140662324&token=I75W72EV


            4 years ago

                Hello everyone i am currently brokering one of my friends unusuals, a Morning Glory Boron Beanie!

                Not yet priced yet on backpack.tf, 3 in the world and 7 person history!

                B/O 38 keys pure or 47 to 50 keys pure in unusual overpay!

                Please add me if you would like to buy this!


                5 years ago

                                Add me, Pure only or 25% item overpay.