2 years ago

                            BULK BUYING MOST ROBOT PARTS - offering more metal when you sell in large quantities!

                            Pristine parts ---> Buying 8 scrap/0.88 ref each

                            Reinforced parts ---> Buying 3 for 1 scrap or 20 for 1 ref

                            Battle-worn parts ---> Buying 5 scrap/0.55 ref each or 70 for 1 key

                            If you want to sell a prof ks fab, I am only willing to buy at a considerable amount below market price with metal/keys; send an offer or add me to discu...

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                            2 years ago

                                            Selling this beautiful Professional KS Kit with Team Shine and Fire Horns

                                            Looking for 7 keys pure or 9+ keys in items (no killstreaks, not counting strange parts, paints or spells)

                                            Also open to csgo offers (not counting stickers or float values)


                                            3 years ago
                                            • 2.44 Refined

                                              Starting Bid

                                              Time left

                                            NOTE: STARTING BID IS 20 REF - NOT ACCEPTING ANY OFFERS BELOW 20 REF
                                            Not counting strange parts, paints or killstreaks.
                                            Items will be valued by me.