2 months ago

      30 Keys for this.

      Honestly love this effect wouldnt even mind keeping, seriously slept on effect.

      overpay in unusuals please.


      3 months ago

                      17 keys for the FT Low Profile smg with cool effect


                      2 years ago

                                        Hey all,

                                        Taking offers on this pyro taunt unusual,

                                        Good for finishing out a set.

                                        B/O of 8 keys

                                        also taking any offers.

                                        Send me a trade offer with any offers.

                                        Serious offers only please


                                        2 years ago
                                          • #64812

                                                Selling these hats for offers or pure.

                                                HWNN: 5 Ref
                                                Lid :1 key