4 months ago
                    • +5

                      my cute pink little all class unusual wants to be released into the wild for pure or offers

                      im willing to make a slightly better deal for certain unusuals that i'm interested in (some may require some overpay)

                      my hat is clean, but if yours is duped i'll still buy it just at a slight discount

                      don't friend me without commenting on my profile or leaving an offer here, getting a lot of scam reqs


                      4 months ago
                          • x30

                            Looking for 30k pure for this Aces High Chill Chullo

                            -Very very good for an allclass unusual (easier to sell)
                            -Free Paint (2.5k value)
                            -Selling at less than price

                            Accepting unusual trades with overpay, as this hat is very liquidable


                            4 months ago
                                          • +19

                                              looking for a decent deal, full pure

                                              26k 23.11ref pure atm

                                              trade link