Lebron James

a week ago

                  Selling some things i found in the trash

                  Strange Genuine Righteous Bison ================ 1 Key 35 Ref
                  Strange Galvanized Gibus ====================== 2 Keys
                  Strange Low Profile SMG [FT] =================== 6 Ref
                  Strange Carbonado Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I ==== 6 Ref

                  Lebron James

                  2 weeks ago
                                    • +2

                                      Selling a Strange Galvanized Gibbus painted Pink and Strange Stat-clock Low Profile SMG

                                      Gibbus ============ 2 Keys (Can Haggle)

                                      SMG ============== 5 Ref (Cant Haggle)

                                      Lebron James

                                      a month ago

                                                Selling a Vintage Luggermorph with Basic Killstreaks Active and a Field Tested Low Profile SMG with a Strange Stat Clock

                                                Lugger ===== 5 Keys Pure

                                                SMG ======= 5.12 Ref