a month ago

                              Selling an assortment of items!

                              Spec ks grenade launcher kit: 1key 30 ref

                              Medigun kit: 45 ref

                              Pro KS detonator kit: 2keys 46 ref

                              Unusual Zoomin' Broom taunt: 11 keys 20 ref 11 keys

                              The kit fabricators can be turned into kits per request, each price is as follows:

                              Spec ks stickybomb launcher kit: 1key 10 ref

                              Pro KS Scottish Handshake kit: 2keys 15 ref


                              a month ago

                                      Selling this taunt for 11keys 20 ref

                                      add me on steam or send a trade offer


                                      will accept item or unusual overpay


                                      a month ago

                                            Selling this Spec KS grenade launcher kit for 1key 30 ref.

                                            Currently on trade hold for switching mobile authenticator, will expire 8/12.

                                            Put an offer in the comments if not in pure.


                                            a month ago

                                                    Pro ks detonator kit with team shine and hypno beams for 6k 18ref

                                                    competitor's price:;6;uncraftable;kt-3;td-351

                                                    Usually on from 1-4 pm est

                                                    put an offer in the comments if you don't want to pay in ref, expect overpay.

                                                    Oh and have a good day


                                                    2 months ago

                                                            Basic KS medigun kit on sale for 49 ref. Will accept items but expect to overpay.

                                                            Add on steam, comment on post, or send an offer.

                                                            trade link:


                                                            a year ago

                                                                  Buying an iron bomber professional killstreak fabricator for higher than market price.

                                                                  Add me or send a chat message here.

                                                                  Will pay more for team spirit, up to 10-15 ref depending on the killstreaker.


                                                                  a year ago
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                                                                                          Just a few hats looking to sell.

                                                                                          items: overpay by 10% for the trouble.

                                                                                          Not accepting any forms of real currency, just pure or items.

                                                                                          Pop an offer in the comments or;

                                                                                          message me and add me.


                                                                                          a year ago
                                                                                                          • +41

                                                                                                            Trading a unusual elf esteem for 6 keys and 42 refined, this is quite a good deal compared to 7 keys worth.