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4 months ago
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                  Two spelled weapons for October's Scream Fortress event!

                  👻Exorcism👻 Strange Silver Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.II - 7 k
                  🎃Pumpkin Bombs🎃 Strange Professional Killstreak Air Strike with Kills While Explosive-Jumping strange part - 25 k

                  Listed price are in pure and negotiable. Will consider mixed/item offers.
                  [color=#46D14B]Leave your offer in the comments or add me to discuss[/col...

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                  got nae naed

                  6 months ago
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                                    Selling Orbiting Planets Ye Olde Baker Boy for 16 keys.
                                    Listed price in pure but I'm open to mixed/item offers and negotiation.

                                    got nae naed

                                    7 months ago

                                          Looking for 22 keys pure or item overpay | Only Seller

                                          Accepting offers!

                                          got nae naed

                                          a year ago

                                                      Selling Spec KS Kit Flare gun Team Shine
                                                      Looking for 50 ref/1 key or offers