1. Scamming is strictly forbidden and will be followed by a permanent ban and a SteamRep tag.

  2. No sharking.

    Deceiving others about item values is bannable. Please provide screenshot evidence when reporting instances of sharking.

  3. Please communicate in English only.

    Multiple languages form barriers so we think it's best that we stick to just the one. Foreign discussion is allowed is in private forum boards.

  4. Only make a trade post if you're actually looking to trade your items.

    This means we don't want to see joke trades, item showcases, or "name my item" posts. Don't beg for free stuff either.

  5. Don't make multiple trades for the same item.

  6. CD keys, non-Steam game currencies, and accounts are not allowed to be traded. Currencies exempt from this rule are PayPal funds and Bitcoins, which may be freely used around the site.

    The TOS for other games also applies if your trade is breaking it on our site.

  7. If you're bumping your trades, remember that you are implying that you are ready to trade with users who might add you.

    If you're going to be away for a while, configure a Trade Offer URL in your settings so things are less cumbersome for other users.

  8. Do not promote your own trades within someone else's trade.

  9. Advertising is only allowed for affiliate communities.

For Auctioneers

  1. Ensure that your starting bid is at max 50% of the item(s) value.

    This rule only applies if Bazaar.tf cannot automatically calculate a starting bid.

  2. Mark the highest bid using the "Mark Highest" button.

    This should be done as soon as you possibly can as not marking but bumping your auction is seen as ignoring this rule.

  3. Don’t close and remake an auction because you didn't receive any good offers, even though they were above your starting bid.

  4. All items in a single auction post must be auctioned off together.

  5. Make a statement on whether buyouts are allowed or not.

For Bidders

  1. Bid at the starting bid or greater than the highest bid if it exists.

  2. Bids must be posted on the actual auction in order to be valid.

For Both

  1. Do not attempt to manipulate the system, your auction rep will be reset. The following is seen as manipulation:

    • Using a friend or an alternate account to farm auction reputation by:

      • Swapping the same items to farm auction reputation.

      • Using a friend or an alternate account to outbid legimitate bidders with fake offers.

    So don't do it.

  1. Keep your forum posts on-topic and relevant.

  2. Be friendly.

    Civil discussions are the best discussions — please don't try to devolve something into a flame war.

  3. Do not post pirated content or other illegal material on our website. We can not allow such content due to legal reasons.

    Doing so will result in punishment up to a permanent ban from the site and removal of said content.

  4. Refrain from posting NSFW material outside of private boards that have been tagged as such.

Trading Bots

Some users have trading bot accounts automatically bumping trades on the site. While this is allowed, there are restrictions in place to keep things fair for our other users. If you plan to use a trading bot account, you must either:

  1. Only use Bazaar.tf for trading purposes via your trading bot account.
  2. Only use Bazaar.tf for trading purposes via your personal account.