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Hello all, hope you are doing well.

I have a quick question about regulations regarding acceptable trades. Just like outpost, I see that Bazzar allows real world currency trades. However, Outpost has a strict rule on not allowing things like game keys for trade on their site. I did not see the same rule on this one. I have been trading game keys for metal for quite some time on steamtrades, and I was wondering if it would be acceptable to post the same type of trade here. Any word from the mods, please?


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9 years ago #865
I see no problem with it as long as you are trading with verified sellers. Just watch who you are trading with, that's all.

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9 years ago #909
What's all this then:
7. The trading of game keys, gift codes, and indie bundles is forbidden.

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9 years ago #926
Oh yeah, I didn't put that rule in so it went over my head.

I'm not sure if we should keep that rule though - not many scammers will live here long so I'm more inclined to give good traders more freedom. I'll talk it up with Accell when he's online.

I'd prefer that indie bundles were still banned though, since they are really, really fucking hectic to maintain control of with the non-steam keys and all.


9 years ago #932
My bad. When reading it, I missed that line. Then again, I read it pretty late at night. :) Thanks for your reply, and I'll close my current (forbidden) trade!

Sorry about that.
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