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7 years ago #T6022
1. Why do you want to join the Staff?
make my e-peen bigger
Bazaar seems to have an active enough community and the current mods seem to have a stressful time managing both all three types of trades (Managing the quality of normal trading, keeping up with the Buy Now bots and their constant down time, and reports on Auctions). I would at least like to be given a title of janitor, as I dislike writing the messages on auctions that normally would be for admins to do. Backseat modding is a bitch :/

I also see that the rules system needs a re-working as even some admins on here don't agree with how they are worded, and would like to be a part of re-working them, and to chip in. Maybe also be a part of creating new sections for the site and helping to improve on the trading for other trading games supported by Steam

2. How old are you?
18 years of age, as of Nov. '95

3. Where do you live, and how much time can you spend moderating? Also what is your timezone?
Not sure how specific you want me to be here. I suppose United States, Pennsylvania would be sufficent.
As of now, I currently am working from 8 AM to ~6 PM, but will change once I enter college, where I (surprisingly) will have more time. I work every day now, but will have classes only 4/7 days of the week, and will not be full day classes. I am accounting for time away to study and for homework also.

My current timezone is GMT - 4:00, or EST for the US.

4. Are you an active Steam user?
I am. I use Steam daily and have been for 3+ years starting on April 19th.

5. What experience do you have in community administration?
I have never been an official administrator for any site before. Negative point, I know.

6. If you’ve been banned from another community, what happened?
I have never been been banned from any other community before.

7. Are you really willing to commit to putting in work for
Keep in mind that we deal with reports, tickets, and complaints constantly.
In the time that I am at my computer, I am more than willing to help with tickets and reports.

8. Finally, do you understand that we don’t conduct ourselves too seriously around here?
Not at all. I think Alpha is the most serious mod here and needs to learn to lighten up a bit.

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7 years ago #87874
We should both be mods who just work on auctions. You'd be a good assistant to me :o

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7 years ago #87875
We should both be mods who just work on auctions. You'd be a good assistant to me :o

Dave has title of Auction Supervisor already, I don't plan on replacing him.

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7 years ago #88722
totally not a random bump

I don't know how harshly you'd count it, but I have been banned on the forums here twice, once for shitposting, another for talking down to another user. I've learned from these mistakes and try to bite my tongue when I want to say things like I previously had.

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7 years ago #89492
Updating schedule time.
Classes currently are
Monday, Wednesday, Friday [8 AM - Noon]
Tuesday [3 PM-6 PM]
Online class [Anytime at home]

Time may need adjusted for working on assignments.

Timezone stays the same as listed in original application.

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7 years ago #89562
Sorry but as it stands, we can not accept you into the staff right now. This has a lot to do with your past behaviour, your two forum bans and the backseat moderation. We just think you can not carry out the duties of a staff member unbiased and responsibly. Your last forum ban was a month ago and we don't believe that you have fully learned from your mistakes yet as you say.
You may re-apply but give it a considerable amount of time to fix the gripes we have since two chances is all one gets here.
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