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7 years ago #T6035
1. Why do you want to join the Staff?
Not going to lie, this is purely and simply for my own gain, in the sense of improving myself. People need to start somewhere, when they want to try and get further in life. Plus, I feel comfortable on this site, The current team appears dependable, and honest. Frankly, I can't think of a better place to try and help manage. I'm going to further my own personal skills in this position, and helping the community is a bonus. As you can tell, I'm brutally honest, and I believe honesty is the best policy.

2. How old are you?
I am 21 years of age, and will be 22 in March.

3. Where do you live, and how much time can you spend moderating? Also what is your timezone?
I live in Australia (AEST+10) and can spend a few hours moderating weekly. This may change drastically, as I do work as a baker in reality. My sleep pattern doesn't exist. However, Especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays, my time, will be the days I can get the most done. This is likely to change when my shifts do, which will be at any moments notice (Though this will be standard for at least a month)

4. Are you an active Steam user?
Considering I'm on daily, I would say so.

5. What experience do you have in community administration?
Seven Sins Gaming - Junior Administrator for Saxton Hale server - Roughly 1.5 years before quitting.
Laws of Minecraft Australian Server - Senior Admin for 3 years before quitting.

Both of these were done at roughly the same time, and I had to step down from both due to studies.

6. If you’ve been banned from another community, what happened?
Not so much banned, but was temporarily removed from Admin from Laws of Minecraft for a month for an April Fools joke gone bad (Necro'd too many pages one year.)

7. Are you really willing to commit to putting in work for
I would say so. Otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time on this application, and you wouldn't be wasting your time with this.

8. Finally, do you understand that we don’t conduct ourselves too seriously around here?
While I am coming off as serious in this, I know when to stop and have a laugh. Hell, when I was an admin for Laws of Minecraft, I, in collaboration with an IRL friend, was the one that started the annual April Fools jokes. I will take the position seriously, doing what I can for the benefit of Bazaar, like I always have with my previous experiences, I will back off when needed to. Just know I'm not going to pull punches on repeat offenders - as this is my biggest pet peeve.

I end this with best wishes, and no hard feelings. I know some people aren't fit for certain positions. But I've been honest - I care for this community, else I wouldn't have put so much money into the site, but applying for this position is purely for my personal gain, for my future self.

For any recommendations, I can point you to Hallucinative, the owner of Laws of Minecraft. I can't really give anything for Seven Sins Gaming, but if you wanted, I could dig up some information regarding it.

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7 years ago #88011
Actually no. I lie. I remembered being banned once on Outpost. Someone lowballed on a trade, to which my response was politically incorrect. As a result I got a day or something. Small thing. Not really an event. I believe I posted on these forums about it.

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7 years ago #88093
Good application, you have been active and helpful on our forums, most of the staff knows who you are and you check up as clean pretty much everywhere I looked. Talk to me on Steam when you are on.



7 years ago #88094
Welcome to the jungle.

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7 years ago #88137
Congratulations, you've won!

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7 years ago #88198
Welp, you're all fucked now.

Thanks for the wishes. I hope I'll fill your expectations.

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7 years ago #88231
Welp, you're all fucked now.

Thanks for the wishes. I hope I'll fill your expectations.

My body is ready.

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7 years ago #88235
_inu: oh, and no kangaroos
_inu: no koalas either
_inu: bazaar HQ has a policy against both
Koda: ...Well, I'm bringing a fucking emu at the least
Koda: Or a stunfisk
_inu: NO
_inu: you may only act australian for 6 minutes after midnight
Koda: Geez, first day on the job and I'm already being told what to do
Koda: Whose midnight?
Koda: Thats cool.
Koda: Thats like what, a couple hours away?
_inu: it's 4:27 am
Koda: well fuck

God fucking dammit am I allowed to do anything? I quit. Just kidding

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7 years ago #88261
australia rocks. bring a platypus.


7 years ago #88267
God fucking dammit am I allowed to do anything? I quit. Just kidding

This would be a nice cartoon script, "The Bazaar Midnight Adventures"!
Congrats Koda! :D

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7 years ago #88281

This would be a nice cartoon script, "The Bazaar Midnight Adventures"!
Congrats Koda! :D



7 years ago #88288
even though I don't know you that well, congrats man. Help keep the community running smoothly
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