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7 years ago #T6036
*Takes off fedora and sits down* Hiya, I'm teemo, or satan, or whatever you want to call me.

1. Why do you want to join the Staff?
-I'm a really chill yordle and this is a chill community, i love yall. I know people hate me because I shroom everywhere n my laugh is annoying but if ya'll didnt notice, i kinda care bout this community and growing it.

2. How old are you?
-Over 18

3. Where do you live, and how much time can you spend moderating? Also what is your timezone?
-USA EST probs like a few hours a week. You want my room and street number too?

4. Are you an active Steam user?
-o hail gabe.

5. What experience do you have in community administration?
-I'm bout to get a degree in social work soon™ if that matters...thats all i got really.

6. If you’ve been banned from another community, what happened?
-Banned from outpost because some guy raged and stalked me, so I went on my alt account to give him a -rep. Giving a rager, or even a scammer on outpost was against the rules. Previous warnings were for relisting despite some admins telling me my trades were fine.

7. Are you really willing to commit to putting in work for
-Sure ill do some stuff. Just worried about school. Not sure how long you guys work round here...but I'd love to work with curly-senpai, we could both be auction admins or something. sorry dave

8. Finally, do you understand that we don’t conduct ourselves too seriously around here?
-Yeah thats kinda a problem ive noticed. Being too lax can be a bad thing.

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7 years ago #88010
re: outpost bans

ban evasion via alts:

Also, vmartelle4 vmartelle9 probably some others?

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7 years ago #88072
Not sure who locked this without letting me reply but I will find and destroy them.

Your history on Outpost is very worrying, adding to that, your application is barely above average. Also your response to question 8 raises the concern that you simply do not fit within our staff. And all of that is not even considering the problems we have had with you in the past. I don't think you are fit to represent at this time.

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