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6 years ago #T7029
I am currently only 17 at this time, turning 18 in April. I am simply posting this now to show my interest at this time, in case a time comes in which a slot is still open at the time. A fall back I guess. Best to have your options open, right?

1. Why do you want to join the Staff?
I really have come to enjoy this community of people, and find the site a wonderful way to sell and buy Team Fortress 2 items. I was always eager to assist in any way I could, be it just looking at tickets and resolving them, or taking care of any work others did not wish to worry about at the time. I simply wish to assist in any way possible, while not being a complete burden. To improve everything I can is something I would love to do, and I see this place as a good start for more things to come in the future (Not ranking this site low or anything, its just more available, that is all). I have no coding skills if they are needed, but am willing to learn if I must.

2. How old are you?
Currently 17 (as noted above) Turning 18 Early April 2015. If possible, I would take a tiny portion of work if allowed, or simply assist in smaller activities with a different administer of the site. If not, I can wait.

3. Where do you live, and how much time can you spend moderating? Also what is your timezone?
I live in New York State, and am normally open from 4-7 PM EST time to work on anything I can.

4. Are you an active Steam user?
Constantly on daily, or every other day if possible. If I am not on for 3 days, I am most likely at a boy scout trip, or dead.

5. What experience do you have in community administration?
I have no experience on websites, but have been a patrol leader for several year in my Boy Scout troop if that means anything. Currently in the committee for the Order of the Arrow in my lodge as well, and run major activities to promote the lodge.

6. If you’ve been banned from another community, what happened?
I have no bans on any other site. Was banned on the forums here for spam posting on one post however.

7. Are you really willing to commit to putting in work for
Keep in mind that we deal with reports, tickets, and complaints constantly.
I am ready and willing to commit myself. I have plenty of open time to use and would much rather it be spent to improve something worthy. I am prepared to pull hair and become bald in a month.

8. Finally, do you understand that we don’t conduct ourselves too seriously around here?
I go to this site daily. I am on the Forums, and talk with Alpha often. Not hard to tell at all m8s

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6 years ago #103633
Noted, will start judging when you turn 18.

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6 years ago #105867
I have now reached the required age of registration.

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6 years ago #106192
Upon internal decision by multiple staff members I will have to decline your application. You may re-apply once applications are re-opened
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