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1. Why do you want to join the Staff?

I have used for a long time, and have filed multiple reports in an attempt to keep the community clean and friendly. I believe this is a great, relaxed trading site and is a fun place to come and sell, buy or auction your items. Alpha, almighty lord of the melons, personally wrote on my profile stating I should consider applying which I felt meant I should humbly accept his request. I care about the community, and believe I can benefit the site further by serving it from behind the scenes making sure people are both following the rules and enjoying themselves while here.

2. How old are you?

I am 19 years old. My birthday is March 29th, 1996

3. Where do you live, and how much time can you spend moderating? Also what is your timezone?

I live on the East Coast of the United States of America. I can most likely spend an hour or so a day moderating, which in my experience has been enough time to handle all daily tickets. My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (EST), and converted to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) would be (GMT-5)

4. Are you an active Steam user?

I am an active Steam user and currently have 69 hours of play time in the past 2 weeks according to my Steam Profile. Screenshot for proof:

5. What experience do you have in community administration?

I have been a moderator of since September of 2014 where I have served in a trade/post moderator position. Other than that I have a very successful Steam Group you are all welcome to join, if you are truly a GIRL gamer:

6. If you’ve been banned from another community, what happened?

I was banned from for a year because I did not bother writing an appeal for a while. I thought I had been banned because I believed I had been repeatedly killing one of the server admins and he got mad, but apparently it was because I had cursed in the chat, so they had decided to issue a permanent ban. Regardless, I finally appealed and it was removed, so I'm all good now.

7. Are you really willing to commit to putting in work for

I am well aware of the never-ending flow of reports trading sites receive and do believe I can manage my time accordingly to handle them.

8. Finally, do you understand that we don’t conduct ourselves too seriously around here?

r u srs bout not bein srs? i m srs bout u not bein srs. i got u.

ty for lettin me apply kthxbai

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Application retracted as per request.
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